Ann Snizek


Ann Snizek

Today I welcome Ann Snizek to the blog!

This is one of the blogs on her tour to promote her forthcoming novel, To Eris – Human.

A great Book in my honest opinion.

I am interviewing her for my readers who do not know anything about Ms. Snizek.

David R Bennett: Ann Snizek is that your real name? Or a pen name? (if so, why?)

Ann Snizek: It is a pen name in memory of
my grandmother from Prague, Czech. She was an actress that always encouraged my creativity.

DRB: Tell the readers a bit about yourself.

AS: I am an Indie writer of primarily YA sci-fi/fantasy and now
working with Snow Flower Publishing!! I have three books published already and two more
coming out in March. My online activity makes me feel lost at times, but I’m loving it.

DRB:  How long have you been writing?

AS: One of my elementary school friends that I recently
reconnected with told me that she remembers me writing on the playground during recess.
How often would that have to happen to stick in someone else’s mind???

DRB: What genre do you write?

AS: Primarily YA (Young Adult), but I have written some other fiction and
non-fiction short works.

DRB: What genre do you personally read?

AS: Science Fiction, Fantasy, How-to

DRB: Who’s your favorite author, right now?

AS: Now and always my ultimate favorite author is Anne
McCaffrey!! There are many, many, many others that I like, but she has to be at the top for me.

DRB: What challenges do you face when writing?I find, myself, that my other characters want their
attention when writing.

AS:  I have a hard time writing down everything that is in my head. My
characters become so real to me that I know what they are “thinking”, but often don’t get that
written down the first time through.

DRB: What was the inspiration for Eris Payton and the world you have put her in?

AS: I drew on someToErisHumanEbookCover[1] of the things I have lived through and thrown them all together with a twist of my twisted imagination. 🙂

DRB: Your novel talks about creatures called Lucents. Can you give out readers a sense if what they

AS: Sure! The lucents are people that are very similar to humans. They have lived on Earth just as long. However, their genetic coding has an extra gene that makes it impossible for the average human to see or hear them. It also gives them the ability to control the electrical forces of everything around them. Many “ghost” stories might just be a lucent messing with you. It is possible, although very difficult and dangerous, for them to combine their genetics with a human. They do this in order to save lives, when successful, and the new blended person has a
combination of both genetics. Due to them having this gene though, they are also lucent and
referred to as “hybrids.” For some unrevealed reason, Eris has the gene without the invisibility.
The lucents are very focused on technology and are far more advanced than humans. On
occasion, a few lucents have been able to communicate with humans and the scientific results
are mind boggling.

DRB: Is there any message in the book you want your readers to know about?

AS:  I don’t really write with the intent of a message, but if I had to pick one for To Eris – Human it would be… adversities don’t define who you are and they can be overcome.

DRB: What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

AS: Write and write and revise some more… then
you need to learn how to promote yourself. You can do this before you have a book ready. In
fact, it is probably better to build up an anticipation of your work.
DRB: What’s next on your plate?

AS: I have many things on my plate and many plates. LOL. The biggest W.I.P’s I have are For: Giva De Vine (Payton Chronicles Book 2), editing The Jewel of Nirel (Tunuftol Book 3) and finishing Tunuftol’s book 4!!! Aside from this I am now working with Snow Flower Publishing!!!

Look for To Eris-Human at your local online retailer (Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Smashwords, etc.) on March 15th!! Enjoy!

And as always,

See you on the flip side of the screen



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