David R Bennett

David R BennettDavid R Bennett

is the author of Southern Desires, which is currently being reviewed for publication

I Interviewed him about his upcoming projects:

David R Bennett: David R Bennett  is that your real name? Or a pen name? (if so, why?)
David R Bennett: Honestly, it’s a pen name. I used my real name and reordered my initials and just chose a name that I thought fit me.

DRB: Tell the readers a bit about yourself.
DRB: I am a father of one. I am married to a wonderful person. I work in security at a local hospital system. I love to watch movies, listen to music, read, watch TV, write, write, write, draw and play games.

DRB: How long have you been writing?
DRB: About as long as I’ve been drawing. The two just seem to go hand in hand. I have always been creating my own stories since I remember.

DRB: What genre do you write?
DRB: That’s the most complicated question I’ve ever seen. I’m not really sure where my writing fits. It combines, horror, romance, paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, action, adventure, the occult, religion, and sometimes others as well. I tend to call it Freaky Fiction.
DRB: What genre do you personally read?
DRB: I tend, not anymore, to stay in one genre when reading as I do when I write. I just like to read a good book. I read anything from sci-fi to romance to action/ adventure to mystery to YA to Religious to fantasy to paranormal
DRB: Who’s your favorite author, right now?
DB: I’ve been topsy turvy on that. I’ve been reading people like CL Blevill, Christine Rose, Stephanie Meyer, JK Rowling, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Anne Snizek, and others. But my favorite out of all of them right now, I would say would be Anne Snizek. Really though, it changes. Usually, my favorite author is the one I read last. But I just loove a good book.

DRB: What challenges do you face when writing? I find, myself, that my other characters want me to give them attention when I’m writing.

DRB: That is so true. My characters all have a mind of their own and sometimes I just get stuck in the middle of writing one book and move on to another. Eventually, I’ll come back and work on the book I got stuck on. And, then, there’s time when I just get on a roll and do not want to stop. Sometimes, I think that all these characters in my head is a bad thing. But, then, I realize that with all these stories I have to tell that there may be an endless supply of material for me to produce.

DRB: What was the inspiration for your book?

DRB: Southern Desires, currently being reviewed by a publisher, is inspired by everything that I’ve read, watched on TV, Movies, etc. I’ve always had a fascination with werewolves and vampires. So I don’t find it too far off that I have introduced them in my first book to be published. I have a lot of plans for my Southern Hospitality series of books and I hope it will go for a while. I truly do not know if there’s an end. But I do know that Elise and her companions will travel through many trials and tribulations and where she ends, who knows. I don’t even know that right now.

DRB:Is there any message in the book you want your readers to know about?
DRB: That through perseverance you can survive anything.

DRB: What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

DB: Write. Write Write. And make sure you love what you’re writing or you will get stuck and be blocked.

DRB: What’s next on your plate?
DRB: First Moonlight,first book in the Moontripper saga which is kinda the opposite of Southern Hospitality, where Werewolves take center stage not vampires and werewolves and it is set in Louisiana not Texas. Also, I am writing a book about an angelic powered slayer named Destiny Phoenix (first book: Destiny Phoenix and the Crimson Clan). And the sequel to Southern Desires, Southern Comfort

Contact info:

Facebook Book Page: https://www.facebook.com/davidr.bennett96

Blog: http://freakyfictionauthor.com/

Email: drb2031@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/drb2031


He is going through a divorce and has not seen his son in a long time.



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