The Death of Serulla

(As told by Destiny Phoenix…)

Serulla is a Komodo, a reptilian-like humanoid raised in a samurai clan society. She is the one caretaker of me that had the biggest impression on me. She took care of me for my parents since my birth.

My mom, Ariel Phoenix, walks down the stairwell in the basement over to the shelter built underneath our home. There Lady Serulla sits in a rocker nursing me. She hears my mother come and looks over at the stairs with her gold eyes. They are sad. Two other children are here as well. A toddler, about 2 years old, and another newborn.

At the time, I never knew these children would grow up to be Sandra and Chris Carpenter, my best friend and boyfriends respectively.

“How are the children?” She asks as she wipes blood off her forehead.

“The two Carpenters are sleeping soundly, while little Destiny just awoke to feed,” Serulla says softly to my mother.

“That’s good. These three will grow up to be extra special when the time comes.”

“What of young Master Brandon?” She asks mom.

“We sent him off to boarding school for his protection. I didn’t want to do it.” Ariel tells Serulla somberly.

“What happened?!?” She asks. “You’re covered in blood ma’am.”

“Grims. Multiple grins attacked us this evening as we patrolled the edge of the forest looking for the local witch coven.”

“Lillian and Walt were hurt and Gregory is with them at the emergency room,” My mother says. “I was asked to come and check on the children.”

“As you can see everything’s all right.”

“Thank heaven,” Ariel says.

Then, a perimeter alarm on the house goes off. My mother goes nuts. She removes the ivory handled katana from the scabbard across her back.

“Protect the kids,” Ariel says to Serulla. “I will be back shortly.”

Quickly, my mother rushes up the stairs to the basement. Then, she circles over to the basement stairwell to head up into the kitchen. That’s when she sees the intruders.

Wraiths. Damn! She thought to herself as she crouches behind the kitchen bar. Then, the tang of her katana scrapes the ground. No. Ariel, you idiot.

The wraiths mumble something in a language that Ariel doesn’t understand as she tries to make her way over to the formal dining room. Quickly, one enters from the other side of the formal dining room as Ariel enters it.

My mother knows she’s trapped. The wraith throws a dart at Ariel which she dodges as she slides into the wall opposite the kitchen entrance. The room is much longer than it is wide.

“Where are the children, Phoenix?” The wraith says wispily to my mother.

“I will never tell you!”

“Then, you’ll die!”

Both the wraith and Ariel hear fighting coming from the living room. Several high pitched squeals can be heard as the remaining wraiths are killed.

Ariel and the last wraith run into the living room. Ariel through the kitchen and the wraith through the main hallway.

Ariel gets to the living room in time to see the wraith gut an exhausted Serulla.

“No!” My mother exclaims as she dives through the bar pass through into the living room.

The wraith swipes at my mother with his razor sharp claws. She blocks them with her katana. Ariel, then, spins to avoid another swipe. In the process, she swings her katana and decapitates the remaining wraith.

The body of the wraith falls to the ground as my mother rushes over to Serulla.

“Take care, Lady Ariel.” She says with her last breath. “The kids are…safe.”

My mother cries as Serulla dies in her arms. How did this happen? In my home? How?!?


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