Book Reviews: Books 1-3 of the Tunuftol Series

Author Ann Snizek weaves a tale through the Earthly residents of Tunuftol.

We first meet Krissa and Micah Wittek, two orphans who have been bounced around in foster care until they reach the home of Grandma Athey. They are brought there by a social worker. The 14 year old and 9 year old siblings are really the only thing they have left of one another. Then, one night, Krissa begins having strange dreams that she cannot understand along with hearing the voices of invisible hampster-sized creatures called Tunuftolates.

Krissa and Micah are then enrolled in school where they meet new friends, both attend high school. Micah, the super genius, and his sister learn that on her fourteenth birthday that she is part of a prophecy to return the king of Tunfutol to power. These friends go on adventures in the land of Tunuftol.


Ann weaves a very addicting tale. All three books in the series: Tunuftol’s Fortress of Light, Secret of the Shielded, and Jewel of Nirel bring forth the first three adventures within a year of Krissa’s fourteenth birthday. Krissa throughout these adventures learns not only who she is but finds the rest of her family that was once lost to her after the her parents brought her through the gate initially to their home on Earth.

I rate each book in the series:


Ann Snizek is a becoming one of my favorite authors to read and a good friend as well.













See you on the flip side of the screen



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