Debbie Brown

Debbie_Brown-2 Debbie Brown

is an author with GMTA (Great Minds Think Aloud) Publishing

She is also the author of the just released novel, Emma

I Interviewed her to get to know about her and her upcoming projects:

David R Bennett: Debbie Brown  is that your real name? Or a pen name? (if so, why?)
Debbie Brown: As far as I am concerned, it is my real name, though with gov’t mix-ups, the name on my birth certificate was originally Deborah, (which I never used) and became Debra at one point, and they wont fix it unless I pay.  I have always been called Debbie.

DRB: Tell the readers a bit about yourself.
DB: I am the mother of 4 (should have been 5), expecting another. I work part time for the Canadian Forces, working primarily with cadets now, I am  a captain with the air force. I have worked as a nurse, teacher and martial arts instructor (to name a few) over the years.I have always wanted to write, but it was only after the tragic loss of my daughter that I actually sat down to do it.

DRB: How long have you been writing?
DB: Writing books, three years. Writing per say, over 30 years.

DRB: What genre do you write?
DB: I write YA and middle grade contemporary  with a sci-fi twist, though the next book to be released in March (Emma) is more for adults.
DRB: What genre do you personally read?
DB:The kind that comes between the cover of a book. OK, pretty much anything from instructional, technical manuals,  self-help, sci-fi, fiction and romance.I don’t read horror, or anything overly graphic, be it on the romance level or stress level.
DRB: Who’s your favorite author, right now?
DB: Never had a favorite author, though there are some that I own most of their books. I love reading,

DRB: What challenges do you face when writing? I find, myself, that my other characters want me to give them attention when I’m writing.

DB: I write in the middle of what’s going on around me. Not wanting to leave my 4 yr old unsupervised, I put up with constant interruptions. Even when my husband is home, I am not allotted quiet writing time. My head butts in on occasion when I write, causing me to lose the flow. Let me explain: I am more of an observer when it comes to my writing. My characters come to life and run away with themselves. I am the reporter, trying desperately to type fast enough to put it ‘paper’.  SOmetimes my head cries out stuff like “you can’t write that!” or “Where did that come from?” and I start to rationalize rather than trust my characters.

DRB: What was the inspiration for your book?

DB:Amethyst Eyes, was a story I dragged around some ten years before writing, is about Tommy, a 15 yr old boy who loses his mother and has to go live with his father…in space. Emma, (to be released in March 2013), is the story of Tommy’s parents, how they met and he came to be. Rebirth was from a short story I wrote back in high school. Star Trek had greatly influenced me growing up, and a lot of the knowledge I use in my stories come from personal experiences in survival, martial arts, nursing and such. I have fun writing.
DRB:Is there any message in the book you want your readers to know about?
DB: In Rebirth, the message is quite clear…take care of our planet, our home. Respect one another, care for one another.

DRB: What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

DB: Write. You can have the best of intentions, the best of ideas, but until that idea has been put to paper (so to speak) there’s nothing to work with. Writing is step one. There are so many types of writing; fiction, non-fiction, short stories, novels, magazine articles, etc, so if you fell like writing, write about what you know, what you love.

DRB: What’s next on your plate?
DB: Once Emma is released, the sequel to Amethyst Eyes, (already half way completed) will be next. After that, the baby is due to arrive so I imagine I will take a little break. For a month or so ;o).

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