Interview for Cry of the Wolf Tour


Today we have with us again Destiny and Christopher Carpenter from Cry of the Wolf.

David R Bennett: Welcome to you both once again.
Destiny Carpenter: Not a problem
Christopher Carpenter: Good to see you, dude.

DRB: So Louisiana. How did you like it?
DHC: Like it? It was hot, muggy, and miserable.
CC: Aw man it was awesome. Well, except for that gruesome attack on us.

DRB: Speaking of which, are you feeling all right.
DHC: My mouth still hurts some.
CC: I still hate that damn…
DHC: Chris!?!
CC: What? Oh sorry, Des.

DRB: What new powers did you come away with?
DHC: I found out I can teleport.
CC: Couldn’t get to me a little sooner?
DHC: Come off it! I did my best!
CC: Geez, Des, just givin’ ya a hard time.

DRB: Where are you headed to next?
DHC: Isis Hills, I believe. We’re getting ready to leave Cyprus Hills. Made new friends but OMG.
CC: Des!
DHC: I know, honey. David has finished the manuscript yet off his notes.
CC: True and he’s done a decent job chronicling our adventures so far.

DRB: Between the two of you, what was the highlight of this trip
CC: The food!
DHC: Of course. What else are you gonna think about.
CC: Well, you were in pain for most if it.

Destiny shrugs her shoulders.

DRB: Now for the obvious follow up. What was the worst part of the trip?
DHC: How long do we have, David?
CC: Ha Ha. I’d say the end where I was nearly hurt and Destiny being in pain since we got there.

DRB: I imagine that would suck for both of you
DHC: Sure did. But we need to get going.
CC: Yeah, I hear Brandon calling us.

DRB: See you two later, have a nice trip.
DHC: We will, David.
I get hugged by Destiny.
CC: Alright man, take care.

Both Destiny and Christopher Carpenter head to their awaiting family. I wave at them as they enter a black Traverse and leave town.

PictureTitle: Cry of the Wolf
Series: Destiny Phoenix #2
Author: David R. Bennett
Publisher: Freaky Fiction Writing
Release: August 30, 2013
Good Reads:


Destiny, Brandon, Chris, Michelle, and Sandra enter the town of Jasper Springs, Louisiana on their way to meet some important people out in Atlanta. They are here to stop and get some rest and refuel before continuing on.

But when the full moon rises, the howling begins.
People, then, come up missing as a bloody trail is left throughout town.
This town is used to the unusual, but this werewolf is extraordinarily bloodthirsty even for this town.

Destiny and her friends check it out.
What trouble are they headed for?
Will someone be turned?
Or worse yet, killed?

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