Resurrection 6

Radius Holographic Training Room…

Tech Radius prepares for a training session to check his abilities. He looks up towards the booth high above him. A voice comes through the speaker.


Tech salutes the booth to signify that he is ready to begin.

Cardinale initiates the sequence to begin the training program. In the training chamber it begins to turn into the back alleys of Master City. Tech removes his ion blades from his back.

The Gundark M7 training cyberbots begins to position themselves around the higher points of the alleys to gain an advantage.

“Let’s see how he does.”

“I concur, Recon.”

Down below, one of the Gundarks spots Tech and begins firing upon him. Quickly, the cyber guardian dodges the blast. He is a little winded as he ducks behind some crates.

Then, he rolls out as two blasts hit the wall behind him. “Whoa.”

He is fired upon, Tech uses his blades to ricochet the blast back towards other Gundarks firing upon him. This manages to destroy two of the seven. He ricochets another blast to take down one more.

Quickly, the other four begin a rapid firing of blasts down on Tech. He dives towards the crates as a stray blast clips his right ankle. This sends him skidding into the wall.

And now the Gundarks descend their perches to search for the wounded Cyber Guardian. Tech peeks out and cannot find them anywhere.

Within a matter of moments, the Guandarks surround Tech.

Will Tech escape this predicament?
Or will he perish?
Find out next week!


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