Awakening 7

Janoor and Gregov stumble as the Ice Palace begins to shake. A wry smile comes across the face of the king.

“What are you smiling at?” Gregov shouts as he parries the king’s slashing strike.

“You have summoned your dragons,” Janoor says as he knocks the battle axe out of Gregov’s hand.

“What is it you want?” Gregov says as he has a sword pointed at his neck.

“Not much.” the king wryly says to Gregov. “Just your undying loyalty to me and my kingdom.”

“For what reason?” Rionel blurts out. “You’ve been a cruel vindictive king. You even locked up your own daughter.”

“Really?” a voice from the shadows says. “I thought you knew me better than that, Ri.”

Without warning, a bolt of freezing ice strikes the king in the back. Quickly, he turns and looks into the shadows.

“Stromon, you double-crossing charlatan!” he yells.

“Who said it was Stromon that struck you, daddy?” Liliandria says as she points her finger towards the king and fires another bolt of ice at him.

The king falls to the ground in awe of being attacked by his own daughter. Her betrayal leaves him rather sore. Liliandria walks over to Gregov and the two kiss. She looks up into his eyes with determination.

“I saw your dragons. The one called Peraal gave me some temporary power to free you as she did me.”

“I’m glad she did,” Gregov says holding Liliandria.

“We better go,” Illyana says as the Palace continues to shake around them. “Before Peraal, Haale, Iyce, and Frieze bring the Palace down around our ears.”

“I agree,” Liliandria says.


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