Alpha 1472 by Eddie Hastings

Alpha 1472 CoverBook Description:

A planet with its own biosphere travels on its huge elliptical orbit. Once every two thousand, five hundred years it comes into range of another planet that is home to a species similar to them. The space ship Alpha 1472 is sent to recover information left for them with disastrous consequences.
Mary Emmanuel is the navigator on her final mission for the company. And although the company was aware that she was in the first trimester of her pregnancy, it had been decided that she and her unborn baby would be fine to accompany the crew on their mission. Neither she nor her husband, David, could have imagined the outcome of the space shuttle Alpha 1472.


This book gives an interesting take on the story of Mary from the bible. The planet known as Epsilon Omega is in fact Earth during the times of the Bible.

I love this re telling of how some of the people of Earth came to be in this speculative fiction.




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