Book Review: Dark & Day by Israel Grey

PictureDark and Day talks about life after the Earth’s son has been decimated and aliens have come to reside on Earth. One boy, Jonathon Wyer, is the unlikeliest of heroes in this tale. He is a genius level IQ kid with a bad heart and bad lungs being treated with a clunky machine he has to carry around. He befriends a young girl named Keiko with abilities to work on mechanics and a young alien who lives in his dorm at the Academy.

Together, these three try to find the Key of Apollyon. In the end, they find that there is more to the key than they realized.
In his journeys, Jono (as Jonathon is called), enters the Day side of the world. It is different from the side of the world he comes, the Dark side.

PictureIsrael Grey is a fantastic author and weaves a fascinating tale of ones journey through the wold using the faith and trusting nature of this ten-year-old boy, Jonathon Wyer. He shows that even those that you trust may not be telling everything there is to tell.

Jonathon realizes that the one person he trusted the most was the most manipulative person above all. He is the one who wants the world to go to war. The Historian believes that he will come out on top above all others.

This is a must read book. I cannot wait until the second book, Withering Mark is released and ready for consumption.



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