Book Review: The Heretic by Joseph Nassise


The Heretic is the first book in the Templar Chronicles Urban Fantasy Series.

This story is about a man, Cade Williams, who follows The Rule in his own way. Sometimes he bends the Rule to the point of nearly breaking it. But he does his service in the name of God. He leads an elite squad, Echo Team, of the Templar Knights. He, also, has some unique powers that help him do this job.

His team is usually called in when the going gets extremely rough. His elite team gains a new member, Duncan, in this book who has a unique power of his own. Cade and Duncan both learn about one another and how they use their own powers to benefit their work for God.


Joseph Nassise writes a wonderful tale about the Templar Knights. He shows a devout man to the mission of God, even though he ignores most of the rules that are set about by the Templars. Joseph’s writing allows you to be absorbed by the story.

I had trouble putting The Heretic down. I got this book for free on I want to buy the others in this series and more of Joseph Nassise’s work. He is a masterful writer and his work is highly enjoyable.

I highly recommend this book.
I give it…

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