Book Review: Planet Urth

Planet Urth is your basic dystopian novel. It, also, falls into the category of Young Adult, as well. This book takes places as the last Nuclear War, which caused mutations of the humans who did not seek shelter during the war. These are your Urthlings, not a typo.

There are, also, other creatures who were affected by the nuclear fallout. Wolves became Lurkers, Boars became Boarts, and Rabbits are more violent and vicious than their predecessors ever were. Humans are on the verge of extinction as they are being killed off by the Urthlings.

This book, the first in the series, was written by the husband and wife team of Jennifer and Christopher Martucci.


Planet Urth is a spectacular book. This book shows that family is not necessarily just what you are born into, but those for whom you care for. It is about a teenage girl looking after her younger sibling as they try to survive in this harsh world. Everything changes when the teen finds a human family.

I love the emotions that Jennifer and Christopher are able to show in all of the characters. This book could easily come to fruition. A future that I hope never rears its head. Jennifer and Christopher are able to show us the perseverance of the human spirit. Even when they are at their worst, their is something more to strive for.

Highly recommend it this book!!!




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