Book Review: My Mechanical Angel by Harmony Lawson

My Mechanical Angel is set in 1928. Things are simpler in the town of Whitcomb, but a young girl named Emmaline Fortenbery feels like an outsider. She feels as though she does not fit with the rigid rules put in place my the mayor and reverend, Archibald Whitcomb, Jr. He believes that a nearby town is full of demons and demands that all follow the laws of god. The ‘good’ reverend is also hiding a secret, but the town does not know what.


Also, Emma finds out that the town nearby is not what the Reverend from Whitcomb says it is. Emma finds that in the nearby town of Seraphton that it is more advanced and that she has family there as well. Her journey starts on the night a stranger crashes into her parents’ barn. He is the son of a lady that Emma saw long ago.




My Mechanical Angel is absolutely stunning. Emma’s journey from an outsider in one town to one where she fits in perfectly is awesome. Harmony shows how people are not who they seem to be. For instance, The Reverend of Whitcomb who preaches God’s Word is actually a non-believer a God as he uses God’s Word to control the town with an iron fist.

Furthermore, Harmony shows that Emma, who does not conform to the rules of Whitcomb, is very much independent and fits in with the town of Seraphton where she finds friends. Harmony keeps you turning the page. You want to read this through in one sitting. This story is absolutely brilliant. I recommend you check out this story.

I Highly Recommend This Book!

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