Book Review: Transcending the Legacy

Transcending the Legacy (Piercing the Fold #4)

by Venessa Kimball

Published by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

Transcending the Legacy is the fourth and final chapter in the Piercing the Fold Series. Venessa Kimball ends this series with a bang.

This is a story about a young college aged student, Jesca Gershom Kahn, who has to deal with life on an altered Earth while trying to fulfill a legacy passed down from her ancestors that were Indians who lived many years before her. There are, also, creatures out there, which Jesca dubbed Dwellers, trying to stop her and her fellow Guardians from fulfilling their parts in the Legacy.


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Venessa writes in a way that just makes you want to  read all the way through in one sitting. This is an absolutely fabulous book in a wonderful series. Jesca Gershom Kahn goes through hell and back as she tries to fulfill her legacy. Along the way she finds that her legacy has more twists and turns in it than even she realizes.

Venessa allows you into the mind of Jesca and how hard this is on her. More than once in this book does Jesca’s adventure pull hard on your heart strings. There were a few parts that seemed slower than others, but it helps the reader get the gist of the story in the end. Jesca’s ending is NOT what you would expect from reading most of the book. Nor did Jesca expect this as well.

I cannot wait for the next book that Venessa has up her sleeve. I love her work. She is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors.


I truly recommend you read this book!





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