Spotlight on Order of the Dimensions series by Irene Helenowski

Order of the Dimensions, Revised Orders, and Final Orders by Irene Helenowski is a fast paced series that will suck you in from beginning to end. They are now and finally available on Amazon kindle for .99 and also through Amazon for the paperbacks as well. 




When Jane Kremowski first began her graduate studies in physics at
Madison State University in Wisconsin, little did she know where her
work would take her. Now, she is embroiled in a multitude of dimensions
all leading to different outcomes. She and her colleagues therefore
must act wisely in order to take and keep away the Order of Dimension
from falling into the wrong hands for the sake of her loved ones.






Anton Zelov has come back and is set to avenge those who stood in his
way. A race against time ensues to keep Jane’s family away from their
clutches. But is victory in store for those who must take down the
Order or has their battle just begun?


The final Orders are in place and all seems lost to the Federation. Yet a
glimmer of hope remains in the hands of an unlikely heroine. What will
she choose to pursue and would her choice save the final dimensions?




Irene Helenowski, the author of the “Order of the Dimensions” trilogy, is a biostatistician at an academic medical center in Chicago and recently
received her doctorate in biostatistics. She also enjoys going to movies
and concerts in her spare time.


 (you know you want to! hehe)




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EXCERPT For Order of the Dimensions!


“My cell phone is not working either.”

Several men with flashlights appeared and the audience became relieved, assuming them to be part of security. The lights went back on, revealing figures in black now all over the aisles. They began dragging individuals into the aisle and shouting. A few of the men signaled to the ceiling, leading to ropes dropping down and several more black-dressed men sliding down the ropes to the floor of the hall and then to the stage. The room once again darkened as beating and screaming could be heard everywhere.
“What the …” he glanced at the fuel gage, seeing that the plane was running dangerously low. How could that be the case? They had just refueled in Vancouver.
Another large flash of light engulfed the sky. When the men looked back, they noticed several military jets behind them. Randy began trembling as he tried to contact the planes, but received no answer. They heard other communications.
“Permission to shoot down target.”
“Permission granted.”
“What the hell, man? What’s going on? Why are they targeting us?”
“Dave, I know this sounds crazy but they’re not who you think they are.” Randy pushed down on the yoke, causing the plane to descend.
Mother and daughter moved in for a closer look, Jane carefully opening it to find four pearl swans circling as the prelude to Swan Lake began to play.
“Wow! It’s so pretty, isn’t it?” she said to Amy.
“Yes, it is. Reminds me of the one I gave my daughter when she was a little girl.”
Her mouth went dry, hearing the thundering voice.
She looked up to see him staring at her with the fiercest eyes she had ever seen.
“I certainly miss her. It’s always a tragedy to lose a precious little girl.”
“I told you! A mere constable is no match for me, remember?” He clenched his teeth, holding her so hard that she could barely breathe. ”So what shall you do now? Hmm? Scream? I can silence you. Reach for your cell phone? I have hidden it. Reach for the hotel phone? I disconnected it.”
“R-r-r-andy will be back with the kids shortly and…”
“And what?” Anton stood back, flexing his arms, grown larger through his recent lifting sessions. “Are you telling me that you actually want your children to see their father pulverized?”

EXCERPT for Revised Orders

“Okay, the parameters are all set.” Amber began the simulation, just about to open the Multiverser, when the door flung open itself, knocking her out. Jane could not believe her eyes.

“Anton? What … what are you doing here?”

Anton only glared at her. He had become freed from the black dimension as Albert was able to connect to the Philadelphia realm through the connection that Amber created in her algorithm.


Her eyelids became heavy from the cold, wet handkerchief that Roger placed over her mouth.

“Randy!” He looked up to see her lean towards him, struggling to free herself, her face red, glistening from the sweat. Before he could move, an explosion of lights encompassed the room.

“Ah, so this is Valentin’s new driving student!” He took off his jacket, revealing his bulging arms. The thin 108 young man trembled as he saw them flex larger with each step. “I do not take kindly to those who almost run over the mother of my child. You are just fortunate that my child was not there either.” He cut the ropes with his knife before placing it onto his neck. “Very fortunate.” He grabbed his collar, lifting him up, banging his head against the wall. “And yet you must understand that I still need to send him a message. A message to never get near either of them ever again!”

Nina screamed, breaking free of the guard’s hold, charging at her tormentor. He knocked her down with one punch, redrawing his gun. “See what you made me do! You made me hit a woman! Not that I should call an abomination like you a woman!” He spat on her and kicked her in the ribs. Seeing his hand reach for her, she rolled away, stopping when she hit the black device. Struggling up, she turned its knob, entering the box before either man could grab her again. Locking herself inside, she panted as the humming grew louder.

“No need, love. I can just take it now.” Tina turned around as she saw a large hand attempt to take the envelope.

“Anton, what … what are you doing here? Where are Maggie and the girls?”

“Maggie and the girls?”

She inched back, falling on the first step as the light flashed across the painting of Venus above, her eyes closing as her head hit the stairs. A young woman from the front desk rushed towards her, only to step aside as Anton extended his arm. “She will be fine. You may call my car now, Claudia.”

“Of course, Mr. Zelov.”

EXCERPT for Final Orders

“No! No! Why, mommy, why?”
“I don’t know why, my dear.”
“But why doesn’t Mommy want me anymore?” Amy held on to his neck, her tears wetting his collar.
“I don’t know, love, but I want you. I shall always be your father, remember?”
“If you just sign these papers, Mr. President, the adoptions will be final.” Lena placed the pile beside him.
“No! No! That monster is not their father! That monster isnot their father!”
“Shut up! You’ve had enough chances! “ He pulled her back, pushing her against the wall, pinning his gun against her neck. “And yet I have orders not to kill you.”
He sneered. “The foolish President loves you yet. That is why we will retrieve you from the null space once you’ve learned your lesson. Let’s see how you wise up by then.”
“Before you leave, your sample.”
“Of course.” Pawel spit into the receptacle. All guards now had to be genetically verified through saliva samples before they left the building for added security measure.
“Thank you.”
He began leaving before a reading could be made.
“Excuse me, your sample was not verified. You must return and give another one.”
Pawel ignored him.
“Excuse me, you must come back!”
He picked up his pace.
“Stop him!”
He dodged the gate before they could close it, making his way through the park. He jumped the construction barriers and crossed Mesa Vista Road, almost making it to the alley when the Lincoln hit. He tried to stand on the broken knee but fell again as the door opened.
“Pawel! Where are you going now, my boy?” Anton took the baton handed to him, swinging it as he came closer. “So you thought you could outrun me forever, eh?”
“I’ll take the risk.”
Anton grabbed Richard’s neck and threw him against the window. Standing up, he knocked down the approaching agent with the barrel of his gun. He swung at another, driving his head onto the rail of the seat across the aisle. He turned around, hearing a gun shot after taking down a fourth man.
“You’re welcome.” Roger lowered his pistol.
“Seventeen, you say? And still so skinny? Why, when I was seventeen I was already an ox and killed five grown men!”
The boy scrunched his face, closing his eyes.
“And you’re crying? My young son doesn’t even cry anymore. Imagine that. I have these little girls ruder than my daughters and now I’m with a man meeker than my five¬year¬old boy.” He backed away, motioning the lad to a brawl. “Never mind. I shall take it upon myself to show you how to be a man. Now, come on.”
He sat still, shaking his head.
“Come on. Don’t you want to be a man? Don’t you want to be like me? And that is why you answered the posts of those girls you fancied?”
“Please … no … I’m sorry.”
“Come on, I said!” Anton charged at the boy, grabbing the back of the chair, tilting it back as he came closer to his face. “Come on, Mr. President. I would like to know how exactly you came into power. Know exactly what it takes.” He held his fist to Niles’ chin.
“He is at the event now and about to reach her!” Ivan ran in, leading Anton to turn his way.
“Very well. If you will, please tend to the President here and his face.”





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