Royal Ties Teaser 2

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Here is a teaser with Bengaali, tiger-like humanoid, characters.

These characters are essential to the overall storyline. It does get very convoluted as time goes on.


Maal Tolin along with several of her Elite Guards stand upon a landing platform on the outskirts of Ifstanaa, the capital city of Bengaal. They are awaiting the arrival of their Ambassador of Foreign Affairs, Xos Ragothar. Ambassador Ragothar’s niece, Starragaar Rellagaari, stands beside the Motherlord. Starragaar’s twin sisters are not far behind as Motherlord Tolin’s bodyguards.

In the distance, Starragaar, spots the gleaming of metal of the bottom side of the shuttle as it makes its descent.

“Padwea, look!”

“I see it, Adweia,” Maal softly says. “Xos should be here at any moment.”

“It will be good to see Urchal,” the red-headed Bengaali says to the grey furred Motherlord.

“I certainly understand that, Adweia,” Maal replies as the shuttle touches down. Air is blown everywhere. Their hair is strewn about.

Maal, Starragaar, and the twin bodyguards shield their eyes as the wind settles down. They wait patiently as the ramp starts its descent. Atop that ramp, waiting calmly and completely prepared, is Xos himself.

For Xos, it has been a long, arduous trip home after a botched mission of peace to Tol Wrogmakar. As he walks down the ramp, taking in everything, the Ambassador begins to appreciate just how good he has it to many others.

“It’s good to be home,” Xos says aloud as he strolls gracefully down the descended ramp.

“Welcome home, cathroi,” Maal says walking up to him.

“Thank you,” he says hugging Maal. “I see the Rellagaari sisters are here in full force.”

Xos chuckles a bit.

“Good to see you, too, Urchal,” Starragaar says sarcastically. “How was your trip?”

“Really, Starra?” Xos asks with one brow raised and a wry smile on his face. “You’re asking me that?”

“I know it sucked,” Starragaar says. “Gotta take that verbal jab, you know.”

“And you may the only one to get away with it, too,” Xos says to Starragaar. “I may be a skilled warrior, but you have powers I do not.”

“And don’t go forgetting that either.”

“Oh, I won’t,” Xos says. The twins chuckle a bit. “Your master sends his regards. I heard he was injured recently.”

“Yes, Urchal,” Starragaar says. “I just heard from him today. He was protecting Querilla and lost part of his right leg. Master is getting treatment with prosthesis and nanomites.”

“I hope he heals well.”

“We all do, cathroi,” says Maal. “What do you suggest we do now?”

“I guess we need to prepare the Great Assembly for a vote on candidates for the now vacant seat in the Confederate Alliance Senate.”

“I agree.”



Urchal – Uncle

Cathroi – Son-in-law

Padwea – Grandmother, Grandma, MawMaw

Adweia – Grandaughter


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