Interview with Lachelle Redd

Lachelle Redd is the author of the Dark Feed Press / Ravenswood Publishing anthology horror series, The Hot Cauldron. We caught up with Lachelle and talked to her about The Hot Cauldron II amongst other things.

Tell us a little about yourself for the readers.
I am an indie author with works in the horror genre. I mostly write novellas and short stories and enjoy telling interesting tales.

What is Hot Cauldron II about?
Hot Cauldron II is a collection of short stories in horror. A little something for everyone.

What was the inspiration for Hot Cauldron II?
I completed Hot Cauldron I last year and got pretty good reception. I decided to keep up the series as I had more ideas that I wanted to share.

What genre do you like to write?

What genre do you like to read?

Horror, suspense

Who are some authors who have inspired you?

Stephen King, James Patterson, Anne Rice

If you could dine with a famous author alive or dead who would it be? Why?
Stephen King. I think he is the master and that even though he would probably rip me a new one, he would teach me a lot in that scolding.

What do you do to combat writer’s block?
Find a new experience

What advice to you have to aspiring authors?
Keep writing, don’t stop

What is your next project?
Sci fi novella, editing new book and new ideas for Cauldron III

Any fun facts about you that we do not know?
Not really

List your top ten memorable books.
1. Beach House – James Patterson
2. Eye of the Dragon – Stephen King
3. Interview with the Vampire – Anne Rice
4. Wild Blood – Nancy Collins
5. Venus in Furs – Leopold Sascher Masoch
6. Moth – Sean Poindexter
7. Interview with the Master – Jason Luke
8. Dracula – Bram Stoker
9. Cycle of the Werewolf – Stephen King
10. Blood Rose – Jacquelynn Gagne

Who is your favorite character you have written?
Margonne (When Angels Fall)

Who is your least favorite character you have written?
David (When Angels Fall)

What is your style of writing (free flowing, planned, mixture)?

What music do you listen to when you write?
Nothing or anything

What is your routine when you write?
I get an idea and see how far I can take it in my head and then put it to paper.

How do you combat distractions when writing?
Send the kids in the next room

Where can we find Hot Cauldron II?

Where can we connect with you?

Facebook, Lachelle Redd
Twitter, @LachelleRedd


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