Release Blitz: Starshot Chronicles: Royal Ties by Brien O’Raighne

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SCRT. Digital Copy. SmallHere is an excerpt from Royal Ties.

Douglas and Querilla walk, along with their security escort, towards an exclusive restaurant in the Promenade known as DeVere’s Restaurant and Banquet Hall. They are spotted from the second level by Miriam Lithos.

“Querilla!” shouts the shapeshifter.

Querilla turns and sees Miriam upon the second deck of the Promenade. “Miriam!”

Douglas pushes Querilla behind him blocking her sight of Miriam. “Stay behind me.”

“What are you doing?” Querilla asks through gritted teeth. “That’s Miriam Lithos, a family friend.”

“No, it’s not,” Douglas responds. “Stay behind me.”

The imposter points a pulse pistol at Querilla’s head, just over the shoulder of Douglas. He turns diving at a shocked Querilla. He knocks her to the ground as the trigger is pulled.

Pain scorches through Douglas’ lower right leg. Douglas rolls off Querilla grabbing it. The back of his right lower leg is black across most of it. Douglas is writhing in pain. His eyes are bugging out.

“Douglas!” Querilla says looking up at him grabbing his right leg while wincing in pain.

“You okay?” he asks through gritted teeth.

“Just a little…” she says wistfully.

“Hey, Bitch!” everyone hears from the second deck of the Promenade.

Querilla turns and looks up at the second deck of the Promenade. A brow furrows.

‘Miriam’ turns to see the bloodied, limping real Miriam Lithos pointing a phase pistol at her. Miriam is breathing real hard trying to stay balanced on her own two feet. One arm hangs limply. ‘Miriam’ backs to the stairs opposite Captain Lithos waving her hands.

“Please, no,” ‘Miriam’ says.

“Fuck you!” Lithos retorts.

Captain Lithos, covered in her own blood, steadies the pistol. She shoots the imposter. The imposter staggers backwards as the blast goes through her head. She flips over the railing falling to the floor below.

As she falls, the imposter tries to morph back into her true form. She hits the ground before able to change back. The imposter is half Bulaari, half ‘Miriam’ with her body split in two.


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