Book Spotlight: As the Crow Flies by Robin Lythgoe

As the Crow Flies. Robin Lythgoe
This is the review I did a few weeks ago on AS THE CROW FLIES. I feel this is a good enough time to re-post it.
For a thief, getting caught is never a good thing. Getting caught by a wizard is even worse.

‘One more job’ meant that Crow, a notorious thief, could retire with Tarsha, the woman of his dreams, but ‘one more job’ may just mean his life.

When he sets out to abscond with that last brilliant treasure and seek a life of ease and pleasure with the jewel of his heart, Crow seriously underestimates his mark, the Baron Duzayan. Under threat of death by poison, Crow is coerced into stealing an improbable, mythical prize. To satisfy the wizard’s greed and save the life of his lady love, he must join forces with Tanris, the one man he has spent his entire career avoiding.

But what’s a man to do when stealing that fabled prize could level an empire and seal his fate?

From a dungeon black as night, to the top of a mountain peak shrouded in legend, a man’s got to do what he must.

Until, of course, he can think of a better plan…

I was asked to review this by the author herself. I find that this story is well written. I loved the story. There were a few places where I found the story to drag a bit. But, for the most part, this book was highly entertaining.
I loved the characters within this story. Crow, Tanris, Tarsha, Girl, Not-an-Egg, Melly… Great a full of depth these characters are. It is a different style of fantasy story than what is normally told. Usually, a fantasy story is told from a third person past POV. Though, it is written in the past. This story is written in first person POV. The story is told by the main protagonist, Crow! The main antagonist is Baron Durzayan, a wizard!
The story of love, betrayal, greed, and adventure. This is a well thought out story. The different lands are interesting. I absolutely recommend this story.

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