Guest Post: Cheryllynn Dyess’ Typical Process of Writing a book.

CDyess 1My typical process of writing is chaotic. I am not one of those people who need or can even tolerate silence at most anytime of the day. I have three main places in my home where I write – (1) at my desk; (2) at the kitchen table; or (3) in my rocking chair. When I do sit to write, I turn on music just loud enough to break the quiet of my home. Then I am swarmed by my dogs and am battling them for my space and my lap!

I like to have my three-ring binder near for notes to be jotted down with a wooden pencil or pen. I cannot stand mechanical pencils they feel weird when I write with them. A must have is a cup of coffee or a glass of Pepsi nearby. My phone is always close and my iPad usually open with other things going on.

The laptop usually has four to five windows open and working at once. I truly think I am ADD because I cannot focus on just one task at a time. I typically know the story in my head before I sit down, or at least the basics of it. I open Word and let it out. Then I go back and edit the mess out of the work I just did. Over the next few weeks I will go back and forth re-reading what I wrote and making sure the story is going where I envisioned it. I usually have a beginning and an ending before I have the meat of the story and write them out first.

I have a few friends I will bounce ideas off of and get feedback during the writing the process, but the final thoughts are always mine.

Now mind you I did not note the several interruptions from my boys or my dogs so those do happen.


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