Book Review: Genesis (Kingdom Come #1) by Wade Garret

Genesis (Kingdom Come Series, #1) Genesis (Kingdom Come Series #1)

Extreme Science Fiction in the tradition of DUNE! Jak Hartlen, 19, the son of William and Mary, will face many thresholds of flesh and mind on his road to reaping the Whirl Wind; seeds of grief and guilt only now coming to fruition. If only they’d know what they were doing… The Gan and their Areht who shape the world behind the scenes will hate him, because he’s a threat they’re not sure can be chained. The Pillars and their Faithful who spread the world’s leading religion will fear him, because his existence, once known, will challenge Ages of dogma and accepted history. The Crimson King and its Servants who seek to return to power, destroying all that remains of The White, will hunt him, because even in death, they’re not sure he’ll ever bow to the Dark. -They All Should. For as One of Five with the power to shake the world, they will hollow his heart and mind through countless sacrifice and vengeful selfishness.



Pretty good book. A lot to wade through initially as the explanations are abound for what the Areht does. Some parts of it seemed a little complex for the average reader to follow.

Once the action picks up, it us full throttle from there on. Then, you see how the characters interact and why.

I found a few if the scenes jumbled but for the most part I found this book overall enjoyable.


I recommend you check it out.



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