Book Review: Heart of Secrets by Ellen Mae Franklin

Heart of Secrets CoverHeart of Secrets is the second book in the Tarkeenia Series that follows The Unseen Promise, an epic tale of magic and greed. This is what’s gone before. The struggle between God and man, magic and indefinable evil is without recourse. Roedanth wants his brother back. Hasn’t he sold his soul with a promise to Drakite, the Dark God in a desperate attempt to raise his brother from the grave? Pellimac is mad having suffered at the hands of Father, the Speck. Will the skill of the Machobe Dwarves healers be her saviour? Ro’Breare, the hateful mage and the Murrdock Rhino, Boallag have made a deal. He wants the throne and the traitorous mage wants revenge. How could it get any better? Kahlu schemes as he fancies taking the High Councillors seat. Sometimes the most unlikely strangers can become friends. Prince Pec and his companion Guventher arrive at the Halls, it seems that the Murrdocks are not myths after all. Tarmet grieves as her husband, Taros, King of the Murrdocks lay dying. Everyone strives to make do in a world bubbling with wild magic, working to remain true to their Calling, as the lives of man and monster hang in the balance, subject to the whims of Gods. Can Tarkeenia survive the tug and pull of the very spoilt, and the very wicked? Can those lost to the dark find a way back to the light? Is it possible to forget, or to forgive and begin again? All these questions and more are answered as the reader walks Tarkeenia’s many paths.


I found Heart of Secrets hard to put down. The book is long, I will kid you not. But you will not notice the length of the novel as you get wrapped up in the threads woven by the Gods of Tarkeenia. Then, you get to see how desperate everyone gets when this world of Tarkeenia is on the edge of total chaos while brimming with war between multiple races. Ellen Mae Franklin keeps you on the edge of your seats as you wonder what will happen next for the Gods and people of Tarkeenia.

Most of the questions are not quite answered in this book. Yet, Ellen Mae Franklin weaves a tale that keeps you coming back for more. I love her work. She is a great author from down under. I cannot wait to finish book 3 and want to read book 4 which she is currently in the midst of writing.

Though I recommend the book if you love Epic Fantasy, I still found a few errors that distracted me. Must be my inner editor. Therefore, I give Heart of Secrets (Tarkeenia series Book 2) 4 of 5 dragon coins.



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