Book Reviews: Resurrecting Gavin by Venessa Kimball

RESURRECTING GAVINA tragedy realized. A boy displaced. His fight to restore his sanity. Can Gavin’s mind be resurrected?

As a three month resident of the Pembroke Psychiatric Center following the dismantling and tragic events leading up to the school shooting, Gavin Ferguson thinks he is well on his way to healing until his inner self takes a detour leaving him a relative stranger in his own mind.

Will Gavin be able to find his way back to himself and return home with his family and friends, or is resurrecting his mind beyond the bounds of possibility?

*Resurrecting Gavin is a companion novelette in the Evan series, following the novelette Saving Gavin and precedes the full length novel, Inventing Evan.*


My review:

I love this book. Venessa Kimball continues to show the inner workings of a young man whose mind has gone awry. She still uses the journal form of writing to allow the reader to understand how Gavin thinks. I like the story continues the storyline from Dismantling Evan and Saving Gavin.

Gavin is, quickly, becoming a major character in this universe. He is becoming one of my favorite characters from the Evan series. I know the author has done her research when she displays the different medical facts in the books.  She is nearly spot on with some of the experiences Gavin has.

She allows the reader to follow Gavin’s experiences as he begins the healing process. Gavin begins to regain his life while some of the others around him begin to fall apart. Venessa Kimball is one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait for the release of Inventing Evan.




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