Book Review: Keeper’s Challenge by Sabina Bundgaard

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Beautiful girl in leather jacketTitle: Keeper’s Challenge

Author: Sabina Bundgaard

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Urban fantasy/paranormal Suitable for YA/NA

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I am the Keeper of the covens book, but have no magical powers.

I have always walked my own way and am proud of what I’ve done. My beloved bookstore is my safe haven.

Now trouble is brewing in the magical world. Three Keepers have been brutally murdered, their books missing.

Now it is after me and my book.

Teaming up with agents Vladimir Stanislav and Jake Levis is my only chance at surviving.

My name is Anna Carringthon, and I am the Keeper of the Invicto. I will protect it to my death.


Keeper’s Challenge is a well written book by Sabina. I love the character of Anna. Anna is a strong independent woman who is the Keeper of one of the 13 books of the world’s witch covens. She partners with Two PSP Detectives, who happen to be vampires as well.

I love the tale. It is woven with intrigue and mystery. Demons are after the books. I love how easy of a read the book it. I cannot wait until book 2 is released. Cannot wait to learn about the Keys of Fate.

I would rate it higher except for a few errors that I thought stood out.


meet the author

Sabina Bundgaard lives in Denmark with her husband and their two children. By day she races Sabina Bundgaardaround the countryside, delivering mail and packages to people. By night… Well, that’s a different story.

While drinking one of her many flavors of tea, she delves into the mysterious realms of her imagination. Writing about everything from Elves and Dragons to Romance and Erotica, she tries her wings to see where they will take her.

Her favorite pastime when not writing is reading, making jewelry and speaking to her friends all over the world, celebrating their victories and happy times.


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“You will do as told this minute, young lady. You are not to have any further contact with those two detectives.”

Her mouth twisted like she just tasted something sour.

“Furthermore, you are to come back to the coven and stay there. The book is not safe in your store, and I am not willing to risk something happening to it. Not now.”

Holding out her hand, she looked me directly in my eyes.

“Better yet, hand it over this instant.”

“What?” I felt sucker punched. I’m the Keeper of the Invicto.

“Clearly you are not capable of protecting it, so I need it. Now.”

My great-grandmother had warned me about this. She told me the day would come were my mother would make some ridiculous excuse to get her hands on the book. There was a reason why she chose me to be the next Keeper and not my mother. Lifting my chin, I stood my ground.




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