Cover Reveal: Waiting in Darkness by Meaghan Beaumont

Title: Waiting in Darkness
(Sabrina Vaughn Series Book 0.5)
Author: Maegan Beaumont
Expected Release Date: January


Meet The


 Maegan Beaumont is the author of CARVED

IN DARKNESS, the first book in

the Sabrina Vaughn thriller series (Available through Midnight Ink,

spring 2013). A native Phoenician, Maegan’s stories are meant to make

you wonder what the guy standing in front of you in the Starbucks line

has locked in his basement, and feel a strong desire to sleep with the

light on.


she isn’t busy fulfilling her duties as Domestic Goddess for her high

school sweetheart turned husband, Joe, and their four children, she is

locked in her office with her computer, her coffee pot and her Rhodesian

Ridgeback, and one true love, Jade.

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