Cover Reveal: Unforeseen: Forgotten Planet I

Author and Friend to Dragons Read Books , Too; Bryan Rainey, is revealing the cover to his new book, UNFORESEEN. UNFORESEEN, is the first book of the FORGOTTEN PLANET novella series which is set within the Starshot Chronicles saga.

Here is a preview of the book:



FIONA BLINKS HER EYES RAPIDLY. She feels the slamming of pain throughout her entire body. “Unh. I wish I had Starr’s healing ability.”

Marianna bites her lower lip. “I would not move too much, child. You have some rather nasty injuries.”

Fiona tries to sit up. She winces. Then, she turns to her right. She looks upon Marianna, but her vision is fuzzy at best. “Who are you?”

“My name is Marianna, child.” She answers. “You need to rest. Your body needs time to heal.”

“I need to get home.”

“That will not be possible, my dear.” A voice from the door says.

Marianna turns and sees him, “Master Coel, I did not know you were standing there.”

“That’s okay, Marianna. Run along. I need to have a chat with our guest. Alone. Shut the door on your way out.”

“Yes, my lord.” Marianna gets up from the chair next to the bed and rushes out. She shuts the door behind her. Coel Fan turns when he hears the door shut.

“Good. Privacy.”

“Where am I?” Fiona asks.

“You are in the Province of Desaria on the Northern Continent of Zoelibus.” Coel answers.

“What planet?” Fiona asks as her head begins to throb.


“Desarti? Tell me you are joking.”

“No, my dear, I am not.”


Now here is the cover to Unforeseen: Forgotten Planet I

Forgotten Planet 01 - Unforeseen. Cover - D

UNFORESEEN comes to you this February 9th!


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