New Covers for the Tunuftol series by Ann Snizek

author-pic.jpg.jpgHello. Here’s a bit about Ann Snizek in her own words…

I’m the youngest out of 7 and a daughter of an immigrant. My dad’s family were very active in the live theatre for years with my grandmother being an actress who did costumes and sets while my grandfather was a playwright and director. They owned their own theatre in Prague, in what is now the Czech Republic before escaping. My grandfather published at least one book (in Czech) and when they followed my dad to the USA, they formed a touring troupe. My dad did many years of community theatre and wrote an online autobiography that I’m planning on editing and publishing as a book. My dad majored in English, his 5th language, when he came to the states. He became a teacher and principal for many years.

I learned how to read before starting school and excelled in it given my love of books. I’m still remembered as the girl in elementary school who sat writing during recess. Books, both writing and reading, are an escape as well as outlet for me. When we lost one of our sons in 2010 I began to write as if my own life depended on it. Beginning with my first NaNoWriMo challenge, I wrote the first draft of Tunuftol’s Fortress of Light in only 3 weeks. That was approximately 75K words.

After starting book 4 of the Tunuftol Series, I decided to go back and edit. Then other ideas flooded my mind. I couldn’t stop writing. By 12-12-12 I self-published Tunuftol’s Fortress of Light, my first book ever. And I didn’t stop there.

Unfortunately, in my excitement, I took on too many other projects and commitments and completely burned myself out. Exhausted and discouraged, my writer’s block lasted 2 years. Finally able to write again, I also felt the need to promote my existing works. I have 21 books I’ve published thus far.

Most recently I’ve reignited my love of art. I’d attended college many years ago with the intent on getting an art degree. While the college plans took a back seat, my love of creating never has. I’ve found a way to apply these two passions in the same line and focus… books. I create my own books and covers and offer my services to other writers and readers to enjoy.

This month I release the new covers for the Tunuftol series. I’m very proud of them and excited to see the reactions of readers.

Ann Snizek

Books that are getting new covers on the first of July…

13576374_1106854092670599_1773776057_nTunuftol’s Fortress of Light
(Tunuftol Book 1)

Krissa needs to find the portal and figure out how to use the magical key she found before the people who killed her parents find it, otherwise her parents’ sacrifice meant nothing and an entire world will be in danger. But nothing makes sense to her since arriving at “Grandma” Athey Boske’s farm.

How can she save an entire world when she didn’t even remember it existed?

Nothing is as it seems…but it’s all real.

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13576539_1106854066003935_447307054_nSecret of the Shielded
(Tunuftol Book 2)

Krissa and her friends need to uncover the shielded mastermind behind the coup that killed so many before he deals another devastating blow, otherwise they may not survive. But danger awaits them around every bend of this horrendous quest to protect the newly reclaimed throne. Will the cost prove too much?

Secrets uncovered, powers received, devastating truths, pains & loss — all foretold in the song of the Philo birds.

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13553410_1106854046003937_630125860_nThe Jewel of Nirel
(Tunuftol Book 3)

Krissa and her friends need to recover the stolen Jewel of Nirel before the thieves’ army takes over Tunuftol, otherwise war will befall them. But they must return to save Earth too. Can they save both worlds and return the jewel to its rightful owners before it’s too late?

Increased dangers, startling discoveries, chemical warfare, and heart wrenching betrayals await Krissa. How much can one girl take?


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If you like them, take a look at some other covers at Covers by Snow Flower!


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