Dragons Read Books, Too

We are a book review site.

Occasionally we will do cover reveals and author spotlights as well.

All of our reviews are honest and to the point.

If we like the book, we will say so. If we don’t we will say so, too.

We rate on a scale from 0 to 5 Dragon Coins!

5of5: Love the Book!
4of5: Pretty Good Book!
3of5: Decent Book!
2of5: It’s Okay!
1of5: Don’t Care for Book!
0of5: Despise the Book!

Our Review Policy

If you wish to review a book send us an email to brien.oraighne@gmail.com

In that email, let us know the author’s name, a synopsis of the book, and available formats you can get for us. We prefer either .mobi (Kindle) or .pdf (PDF).

We will read the email and let you know whether or not we would review the book. (Most likely we will. We love reading.)

We will only provide our honest opinion and our only payment we accept for these reviews is the book being reviewed itself. We love to read books and we feel that reviews should NOT cost the author any money save a copy of the book.


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