Branded by Keary Taylor

Branded is a wonderful novel that you can find for free on the Kindle at It is the first in the Fallen Angels series.

It deals with a young woman named Jessica who has nightmares of being tried for other people’s deeds. Eventually, she finds a person in Emily,with similar experiences in her past, and a lover in Alex, who is the grandson of the people who own the house she is the caretaker of.

Alex woos Jessica off her feet as a rival of unknown origin comes into the fold to stand between them.

To find out how the story folds out, go get it for you Kindle.

Keary writes a story that is captivating and mesmerizing. Furthermore, she makes you feel that you know Jessica inside and out by the end. She keeps you wanting more.

There are parts where the story drags, but they don’t last for long and do help in advancing the story. So as long as you can deal with them you should be okay.

1star1star1star1starhalf star

Excellent read. I found it hard to put down once I started it.


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