Interview with Kasper Beaumont Part 2

This is the second part to the epic interview with Kasper Beaumont

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Kasper and a fan dressed as Sienna the Huntress

Any fun facts about you that we do not know?

I have grazed knees from bodyboarding in the surf. I love to ride the waves all the way into the shore and pay for it later. Surfer chick.

List your top ten memorable books.

1.2.3. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

4. The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay.

5.6.7. The River God trilogy by Wilbur Smith Continue reading


Guest Post: A Day in the Life of Kasper


Kasper Beaumont

Hiya folks, I’m up early today at the crack of dawn 5am. It’s already light here in the Australian summer and I have done a couple of kilometres on my exercise bike to warm up for writing. Warm up for writing? I hear you ask. Yes indeed. Call it brain training, getting the blood flow to those creative synapses.

Now I’m actually lying on the sun lounge in my cubby house, which I know is bad for the posture, but I’m relaxed and raring to go. No straight backed chair and desk covered with notes for this little black duck.

I open my scrapbook and re-read the last couple of pages to recall my hero’s last adventures. I have a vague idea where this chapter is going, but will generally add anything that pops into my head and judge it’s importance later.

I then spend about 2 hours doodling, writing, drawing terrible pictures that I’m not going to show you and adding a few new details to my map. This develops as the story goes along as well.

I like to add notes to my glossary as I go along. Not much of this will be published, but it is important to me to have the back story and descriptions of each of my characters.


The Cubby House

After a couple of hours of fairly fast and frenzied writing, I give my cramped fingers a shake and pack up for the day. If I have the time I will write more later, but these days I have a full ‘dance card’ and it’s now time to feed the family breakfast and get on with my day.

I have actually 3 editors who all work on different things. I like to revise the book myself 3 or 4 times before it goes to the editors, but sometimes I do get a bit excited and send in a sneak preview. It’s great that I have such a good support network of people who enjoy reading my work and who are so keen to help me. I have a great bunch of beta readers as well and they can’t wait for my next piece. On that note, I’d better get back to it.

Thanks for joining me for the day, cheers, Kasper J

Book Spotlight: Elven Jewel by Kasper Beaumont

Elven_Jewel Cover

Book 1 Hunters of Reloria

This fantasy adventure begins when the magical continent of Reloria is threatened by cruel, scaly invaders called Vergai from the wastelands of Vergash. These invaders are barbaric and are intent on destroying the protective elven forcefield and conquering peaceful Reloria. The Vergais’ plan is to steal the Elven Jewel which is the key to the Relorian defence system.

Halfling friends Randir and Fendi and their bond-fairies are the first to discover the invaders and they embark on a quest to save the Elven Jewel. They leave their peaceful farm village with their fairies and race against time to stop the invaders. They join forces with dwarves, elves, men and a mysterious dragon, and call themselves the Hunters of Reloria.

The quest is perilous, with numerous encounters with the ruthless Vergai, who are determined to fulfill their mission. The Elven Jewel is stolen and the quest becomes a race to the portal to retrieve the jewel before it can be taken to Vergash. A battle for Reloria ensues where the consequences for the Relorians is death, unless Vergai are stopped.


other books in series


Hunters_Quest Cover Dragon's-Revenge-COVER