New Year, New ways of doing things…

I am starting a new format on this blog to make it easier for everyone.

I am going to have book and author spotlights throughout the week.

Each day on the week will be a different post for a certain author. I will introduce him or her at the beginning of the week with the first part of the interview. Then, I’ll spotlight the author’s book(s). Next something whimsical. Then,a guest post. Followed by Part two of the interview to end the week.

I will still do posts for blog tours, cover reveals and the like as well.

I figure this way you can meet some very interesting authors along the way and find some books that are enjoyable to read.

I am looking to do more with the paranormal/ science fiction/ fantasy authors which is where my books are written as well as some of the young adult authors as well.

I am trying to tailor this blog to fit with the books I find interesting. I want to introduce you to authors I read. Even I will do myself on here in the same format.

This will be the new format for Dragons Read Books, too. I am trying to build up a readership and following. Trying spread the love of these genres out to everyone as well.