Cover work on Southern Desires

It is so hard at times for me to get any work fine on my cover for Southern Desires without the use of my laptop. The wife sometimes irritates the hell out of me on this aspect.

Between a laptop, netbook, or tablet at this point, I’d probably much prefer a lightweight laptop. That way I can write and do the artwork for my novels as well.

Being protective of your items is one thing, but not letting your own spouse take a laptop with him when he spends countless hours in near boredom unable to finish the process to possibly publish his novel is idiotic. (In this case, I’m the husband)

I have ideas for setting up the cover, but I need the equipment to do it. Hmm. Sounds like a laptop with graphics programs that’s sitting not being used at home.

She asks if my phone will suffice. For the writing yes. But for the cover art. Um, no. And I have so little time to work on it on the weekends. Just ridiculous.

She’s slowly squashing the dream she says that she supports. I just need the equipment with which to work on. This is turning into a hopeless endeavor. Will the covers ever get done to my liking?!?

That’s the one thing I do not want to rush. I want to have a quality cover for my novels. Sketching them out us one thing, but when will I be able to put them together?!?

Ho. Hum.

See you on the flip side of the screen