In Flames by Elissa Daye

Book Review: In FlamesIn Flames (Second Edition)

by Elissa Daye

The First Book in the Destined Series

The story is about a virgin woman, Lysandra, who has her whole life stripped away from her after the death of her parents. Her uncle takes over the Kingdom of Elkliss and sells her as a slave to a whorehouse.

Eventually, Lysandra comes into the hands of Aidan Quinn, the Lord of Blackwolf Keep. Both have their secrets. Both eventually, fall in love with one another and get married.

Elissa keeps you hooked from the first paragraph. I found this book hard to put down, once I actually devoted some time to reading the novel. The pages seem to turn themselves as you continue on to find out what it is that Lysandra has gotten herself into.

Magic, Werewolves, and Mayhem seem to be the theme is this paranormal romance novel. I find that this doesn’t detract from the novel, but rather enhances it and gives it a rather interesting twist to the tale.

Furthermore, I find Ms. Daye’s writing is like drinking a glass of cold lemonade on a warm sunny day. Ahh, refreshing. He words seem to flow off the page with ease.

I give this book:

1star1star1star1starhalf star


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