Interview with Cheryllynn Dyess Part 2

This is the second part to the magical interview with Cheryllynn Dyess.

CDyess 1Any fun facts about you that we do not know?

Hmm, another good question. Well I love to rock hound (dig up rocks) and go fishing. I am actually a very private person.

List your top ten memorable books.

The Worlds of Edgar Allen Poe

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

The Broken Kingdoms

The Kingdom of Gods Continue reading


Guest Post: Cheryllynn Dyess’ Typical Process of Writing a book.

CDyess 1My typical process of writing is chaotic. I am not one of those people who need or can even tolerate silence at most anytime of the day. I have three main places in my home where I write – (1) at my desk; (2) at the kitchen table; or (3) in my rocking chair. When I do sit to write, I turn on music just loud enough to break the quiet of my home. Then I am swarmed by my dogs and am battling them for my space and my lap!

I like to have my three-ring binder near for notes to be jotted down with a wooden pencil or pen. I cannot stand mechanical pencils they feel weird when I write with them. A must have is a cup of coffee or a glass of Pepsi nearby. My phone is always close and my iPad usually open with other things going on. Continue reading

Book Spotlight: A Witch’s Dream World by Cheryllynn Dyess

Today we are showcasing the magical book by Cheryllynn Dyess, A WITCH’S DREAM WORLD!
Here is the book trailer:
ElizabethA Witch's Dream World Cover has gone through so much lately with her mother’s passing. Now she lives with her aunts and she has begun to have nightmares. Only her nightmares are not nightmares at all, but spirit walks. Elizabeth never knew she belonged to a family of witches that dates back centuries. It is believed that she is the strongest one of all. She never knew her father was alive or that she had a twin brother. Now she must learn about a world she never knew existed. She has to learn to embrace her heritage and figure out how to defeat the Council. They are conspiring to destroy the structure of coexisting in this new society that her ancient people hold dear. Night after night her dreams reveal so much more….but are they only dreams?
You can buy the book here: Amazon