Book Reviews: Revelation & Restraint by Randi Cooley Wilson


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About Book 1 REVELATION:
Revelation by Randi Cooley Wilson
Published May 1st, 2014
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance
Pages: 314






Eve Collins starts her freshman year at college blissfully unaware that one revelation will challenge everything she’s believed to be true about her family, life, and future, and right in the midst of it all is Asher St. Michael.

Mysterious and aloof, Asher is appointed to protect Eve at all costs. Bound by his oath of loyalty to mankind, loving her is forbidden. 

Dark and enigmatic, Gage Gallagher may be even more dangerous to Eve than the demonic army that hunts her.

Caught in the middle of a centuries old war, Eve must choose sides knowing that the wrong choice will cost more than just her life. 

Can Asher and Eve fulfill their destinies or will their love destroy everything?

Revelation is a journey of self-discovery, love, and sacrifice. 

This is volume one of a series

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S Cu’Anam Policar

Today we have S Cu’anam Policar with us.

I interviewed her recently for this blog tour for her recently released book, The Rise of Xosha

  1. What is you name (or pen name) and where are you from?IMG568
    S. Cu’Anam Policar. I hail from Brooklyn, NY.. but I live in Washington State now >^.^<
  2. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
    I’m 32, mother of 3, wife, stay at home mom, and an avid reader and blogger. I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember and sometimes after I’ve left a piece alone for months I’ll go read it and most of the time it amazes me lol. I am Pagan, but the religions and beliefs of the world interest me a lot and I’ll spend hours reading about things from Christianity to Buddhism. I love seeing how similar and how different each belief system is lol.
  3. What made you want to become an author?
    I think I was born one o.O I mean anyone can write, but authors are born not made. I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil. I was 4 or 5 when I wrote my very first poem, and 7 when I first wrote about Xosha. The stories demand to be told so I tell them to the best of my abilities >^.^<
  4. Who are some of favorite authors? Why?
    a) R.A. Salvatore if you’ve ever read any of his books (especially the Legend of Drizzt Series) you wouldn’t be asking why lol!
    b) Stephen King. He and R.L.Stine were my all-time favorites growing up no one made you want to sleep with the lights on more than those two lol. Then I discovered Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series and was simply amazed at far out of the horror genre he went with those 7 (well now 8) books while still incorporating some all-time classics of his (It, Insomnia, Salem’s Lot) into that series as well. I think he became god like to me at that moment lol
    c) Tamora Pierce. Her Tortall books are simply amazing reads for little girls. All her heroines start off their adventures at like age 13 and they end up doing amazing things. Even my hubby likes her books lol
    d) Cate Tiernan. She’s taken the Wiccan faith and woven a series of 15 books that will make people see the nature based religion for what it really is and not the “evil” thing people assume it is. (I personally can’t wait for the Sweep movie to come out)
    e) Richard Adams. The only author I know of that will take rabbits and weave a tale all adults who read it will love lol. Watership Down is one of the greatest books I’ve ever read.
    f) Ayn Rand. Anyone that knows me will tell you I have an annual tradition (which I totally blew off this year due to tours) of reading Atlas Shrugged. I love Rand’s work. It’s way before her time and most of her books apply to things happening now.
  5. What is the book you are currently ready and by whom? Are you enjoying it?
    Right now? As I write this? I’m reading Mythos: The Descendants book 1 by Vrinda Pendred. It’s a very interesting YA sci-fi book. By the time this gets posted though I will probably be reading There Comes a Prophet by David Litwack which I have been looking to reading since it released and just haven’t had the time to
  6. What is your favorite genre to read and write?
    I don’t have a fav to read really. I’ll read anything that catches my interest. To write though, It’s all paranormal and fantasy, both with romance laced in them.
  7. Who do you consider mentors when it comes to your own particular writing style?
    R.A. Salvatore is my biggest influence in my writing style. His style draws a reader in and holds on. There’s no confusion about who’s talking or what’s going on and I based my own style loosely on his.
  8. Now, about your novel, what is it about?
    Dragons! >.> You want more description don’t you –sigh- okay okay lol Rise of Xosha is the Prequel to my forthcoming Legend of Xosha series. Now you’re probably asking “why did you break the rules and publish a prequel before any of the books in the series!! BLASPHEMY!!!” before you get the tar and feathers hear me out lol The Rise of Xosha HAD to be told first to avoid confusion and apparently loopholes in the first book. When The Rise of Xosha was first written, it was a 40 prologue to Dawning of the Three. (I was 12 when I finished Dawning the first time) However Wizards of the Coast and ToR told me they couldn’t take it for 2 reasons. 1) I was too young and my writing wasn’t good enough yet. And 2) a 40 page prologue was just too long. It was suggested I either shorten it or expand it. I chose to expand it this time around. I dragged that 40 page into 140 and dubbed it a prequel. It explains things how the realm of Xosha was created and hints at certain events that take place throughout the entire series.
  9. Is it a standalone or part of a series?
    Part of a 5 books series with some spin off stand alones in the works as well.
  10. What are you currently working on?
    I’m actually working on quite a few things at the moment. (this is where it pays to have adhd) I’m just about half through with Dawning of the Three (book 1 to Legend of Xosha), I’m working on a couple of shorts for a few anthologies, and I’m working with Stephen Ormsby (The Pendant, Long Lost Song etc) on Little Girl Lost which is the first book to a new series.
  11. In your own books, who is your favorite character? You least favorite?
    That’s like asking me to pick a favorite kid x.x If I have to honest here, Macayla is my favorite character. You guys won’t meet her until Lamentation of the Dead (Legend of Xosha book 2) Once you meet her you’ll know why she’s my favorite lol. My least favorite would have to be Fury Nye’Kros. That Shai Daemon just irks me x.x
  12. Which of your books do you like the best that you have written?
    At the moment? Dawning of the Three.. ask me again in like January when I’m working on Lamentation of the Dead rofl!
  13. What type of habits do you have when writing?
    I’m one of the few that has none. I write when the mood strikes. I refuse to force the story out so there are days I go without writing anything simply because a scene isn’t ready to be told yet. But when it IS ready it flows. I can still talk to people on fb and whatnot while I write. It doesn’t slow me down, then again, I’ve been told I write faster than most o.O
  14. How do you handle criticism?
    It depends honestly. For the most part if someone actually finds things that need to be corrected in my works I will not only listen to their finds, I will correct them and thank them for spotting something myself, my editor, and my beta readers all missed. If it’s troll criticism, I honestly just ignore it. I don’t understand those authors that whine and yell and do the exact thing the trolls do and then cry that they’re victims. The trolls can’t hurt you if you don’t acknowledge them.
  15. What tips do you give young aspiring authors out there?
    IGNORE THE TROLLS! Do not fall into the fold like the sheep that post trashy blog posts to the trolls, or have their friends do what the trolls do, it will hurt you more than it will them. Also always remember, you aren’t writing your story for the world. You aren’t writing it to make people happy, or to even make yourself happy. You’re writing it because it needs to be told because there is one person out there somewhere who will find it and who needs to hear your story the most. That’s who you’re writing it for. Always remember that and then if you get negative reviews, it won’t bother you since obviously those people aren’t the person your story was written for.
  16. If you could hang out with any characters ever written who would it be? From what work (list title and author)?
    Eric from Deaths Knows My Name (Casse NaRome), and Chax from the Kasadya Series (Karen Swart) I can’t guarantee there’s be much hanging out though. I am infatuated with those fictional males >.>
  17. If you could dine with anyone in the world, who would it be? Explain.
    my Indie Author Friends! Most people would list some string of super famous people, but me? I’d rather have a huge dinner party with all my indie author friends since they’ve helped me so much on this journey and they have supported me just like I support them >^.^< ❤ you guys!!!
  18. If you could hang out with any author, who would it be? Why?
    See above lol But if I had to pick someone famous, I’d say R.A. Salvatore. I want to climb inside his head and see where all his adventures for Drizzt come from lol
  19. What do you do for fun when you are not writing?
    I read, hang out with my spawns, watch movies, play video games (Dark Age of Camelot Midgard foreva!!!), watch movies and tv.. you know, normal people things >.>
  20. Any last words for your fans?
    You guys are amazing! Thank you for all the support and for all the friend requests and putting up with my zany-ness lol I love you all >^.^<

She was, also, asked to list her Top Ten Mystical Creatures:

1) Dragons
2) Hellhounds
4) Griffins
6) Pegasi
7) Centaurs
8) Fae
9) Any kind of Animal Shifter
10) Spinx