Interview with Eileen Schuh Part 2

Part two of the Interview with Eileen Schuh

Eileen SchuhAny fun facts about you that we do not know?

  • I can do the Tree Pose in yoga
  • Years ago, I won the prestigious Governor General’s Medal.
  • I have four grandbabies.
  • I live in a house with an indoor garden and fish pond.

List your top ten memorable books.

I’m much too old to remember ten, but as a child I loved the Little House on the Prairie books (Laura Ingalls Wilder) and the Anne of Green Gables series (Lucy Maud Montgomery). I enjoyed Gone With the Wind (Margaret Mitchell) and as a teen developing a social conscience, I devoured Black Like Me (John Howard Griffin). Continue reading


Book Spotlight: Dispassionate Lies by Eileen Schuh

Dispassionate lies (9)Publisher:  Wolfsinger Publications

Genre:  Science Fiction

The year is 2035 and the world’s emerging from a devastating economic collapse. Computer guru, Ladesque, finds her task of restoring the world’s internet capabilities, dull until…

She’s approached by Paul, an attractive FBI agent intent on recruiting her to an ultra-secret project. There’s only one problem—the asexuality she was born with thirty-five years ago, vanishes and she’s left struggling with the unfamiliar power of libido.

When everyone, from ungainly computer geek, Roach to handsome Paul, becomes appealing, Ladesque suspects the popular explanation for the female asexuality saddling her generation is a lie. Her suspicions increase when an encoded diary and whispered rumours link the affliction to conspiracy and murder. However, uncovering facts proves difficult in an age where hackers have corrupted all digital records.

Putting her quest on hold, she joins Paul’s project where her uncertainties are quickly overshadowed by the explosive technology and high-tech challenges of her job. Then, she receives her final assignment. She can either expose her mind to the potentially lethal quantum computer for the sake of the world or be forever a watched woman.

She, alone, must assess the risk—a risk that just might reveal the truth about her past.

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Interview with Eileen Schuh Pt 1

This is the first part of the interview with Eileen Schuh. Part two will be on Friday.


Eileen SchuhTell us a little about yourself for the readers.

I wanted to write novels since I learned to read back before I started school. It took me half a century of living before that dream came true. At an age where most people have accomplished their dreams and are plotting retirement, I’m just gearing up for the career of my dreams. I’m very proud to now have six books to my credit, two adult sci-fis and three in my gritty teen fiction series, plus a school edition of my debut novel,“The Traz”.

What is (your book) about?

My most recent release is Dispassionate Lies, a near-future novella for adults that is set in the year 2035. The world is recovering from the economic chaos caused by criminals destroying the World Wide Web. The young woman tasked with restoring a tamper-proof internet is seeking the truth behind the affliction faced by her generation of females, born sterile and without libido. That truth may have been forever lost in the cyberspace crash. Continue reading