Interview Pt 2: Jamie Maltman

This is the second part of our interview with Jamie Maltman.

JMaltman-TARDIS Any fun facts about you that we do not know?

I’ve always been a massive sports fan. I followed the Toronto Blue Jays growing up, and still do, but my main passion is the Toronto Raptors, and I’ve shared season tickets for 15 years now. Right now they’re better than they’ve ever been, after too many painful seasons, so it’s a lot of fun.


List your top ten memorable books.

Ever? Wow. They’re some of my favorite books, but memorable in the way they introduced me to a writer, a style of writing, or even a genre. In chronological order:

The Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis

– the first novels I ever read, on my mother’s lap.

The Lord of the Rings, by JRR Tolkien

– started on The Hobbit when I was 5.

Bridge of Birds, by Barry Hughart

– first Asian fantasy I ever read, and wonderful

Shogun, by James Clavell

– first non-fantasy historical fiction

The First Man in Rome, by Colleen McCullough

– first book of my favorite historical fiction ever.

Foucault’s Pendulum, by Umberto Eco

– so much knowledge and plot packed into a single massive, gripping book

Outlaws of the Marsh, by Shi Nai’an

– my favorite of the four great Chinese classics

The Darkness That Comes Before, by R Scott Bakker

– gritty world-building and exploration of philosophical ideas, by a fellow Canadian breaking into fantasy more recently. He jolted me into wanting to seriously write again

1Q84, by Haruki Murakami

– more literary fantasy, really stuck with me

Anansi Boys, by Neil Gaiman

– the first of his books I read, and now I love them all

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Guest Post: Jamie Maltman’s Process of Writing

Routine! Bwahahaha! Theoretical, or actual? Let’s try the actual.

The night before I review my notes about the scenes I’ll be writing the next day, which can range from a bullet point to several sentences, depending on how detailed it came to me while I was outlining. I might even flesh that out with more ideas that come to me the night before, on my phone, just before I go to bed.

When it’s time to write, I grab a mug of green tea or oolong (in my TARDIS mug at home, or travel mug when I write in the car or somewhere else), sit down at the computer, and fight off all the things my mind tries to get me to do Continue reading

Book Spotlight: Brush With Darkness by Jamie Maltman

This is the book spotlight for Brush With Darkness by Jamie Maltman

BrushWithDarkness-forWebIt started with a simple dream for Simon: join the legions, escape a life of mediocrity, and bring respect to the family name. A border incursion by restive Scentari barbarians looked like that opportunity for an artist turned soldier to transcend his roots, and fight for the glory of the Pazian Republic. Or so it seemed.

The return of dark magic, thought to be the stuff of myth and legend, turns a simple mission into a brutal slaughter, and Simon must warn the Senate of the unimaginable defeat. But a mysterious sculptress shows him that his buried creativity may be their only hope against an ancient foe that poses the greatest threat the Republic has ever seen.

Simon must explore this Talent while navigating a treacherous maelstrom of political intrigue and shifting allegiances, torn between ambition and curiosity, duty and love.

The ARTS REBORN series follows the story of the lives touched by the return of opposing magical forces of artistic creation and elemental destruction to the Republic of Pazh, a historically-inspired world where hints of ancient Rome, Greece and the Mediterranean mix with the fantastical.

Brush With Darkness is Book I of Arts Reborn, but stands alone as a story, with additional arcs that continue on in the series.

Book II: Blood of the Water is available now on Amazon.

At the publisher’s request, this book is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied. This book has been extensively edited and proofread.

The forwarded email becomes the basis for an online church built around the boy, calling him the CyberChrist. The church claims that the Internet is the physical manifestation of the group mind of humanity and the boy is the second coming of Christ online.

The federal government tries to shut down the church, but its website replicates faster than they can stop it. While church and state battle over religious freedom online, the media and the state battle over freedom of speech.

Ashley battles to stay alive.

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Interview Pt 1: Jamie Maltman

This is part one of the interview with Jamie Maltman. Part two will show on Friday.

Tell us a little about yourself for the readers.

JMaltman-TARDISAfter years in I.T., consulting and businesses, the birth of my first son reconnected me to libraries, reading, and the itch to write. I still do some consulting, but spend much more of my day writing, as well as doing a lot with my sons. We read together, play all kinds of games, watch movies and television, and generally have a blast.

I’m a reader first, and co-host the To Be Read Podcast (, where every week I share a little about what I’ve been reading, and discuss a reading-related topic with the other co-hosts.

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