Book Review: To Eris – Human


To Eris- Human (Payton Chronicles Book 1)

by Ann Snizek

Published by Snow Flower Publishing



Eris Payton has moved around every 6 months with ‘her mother’ since her father left them at the age of 8. She has never felt in place anywhere. She was never able to make any friends. But then she meets Nelson, who closely resembles the missing brother of Ashley, a girl who lives in the same apartment complex as she does.


The story flows really well. Ann makes it hard for you to even want to put down the book. I loved how you get to feel as though you are joining Eris on her journey. Ann makes you feel as though Eris is one of her friends that she introducing you to and not just a character in the book. Nelson, the one whom Eris meets, seems to be more than what he shows but gives to Eris nothing more than who is he is while he struggles with the personal journey of looing like Ashley’s missing brother, Matt.


Hmmm. It is hard for me to find any faults in this story. I didn’t find, like in most books, any places where the story dragged. Ann is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and, also, a friend. I will be reviewing her other works on this website as well.





See you on the flip side of the screen –DRB



Alpha 1472 by Eddie Hastings

Alpha 1472 CoverBook Description:

A planet with its own biosphere travels on its huge elliptical orbit. Once every two thousand, five hundred years it comes into range of another planet that is home to a species similar to them. The space ship Alpha 1472 is sent to recover information left for them with disastrous consequences.
Mary Emmanuel is the navigator on her final mission for the company. And although the company was aware that she was in the first trimester of her pregnancy, it had been decided that she and her unborn baby would be fine to accompany the crew on their mission. Neither she nor her husband, David, could have imagined the outcome of the space shuttle Alpha 1472. Continue reading

Awakening 7

Janoor and Gregov stumble as the Ice Palace begins to shake. A wry smile comes across the face of the king.

“What are you smiling at?” Gregov shouts as he parries the king’s slashing strike.

“You have summoned your dragons,” Janoor says as he knocks the battle axe out of Gregov’s hand.

“What is it you want?” Gregov says as he has a sword pointed at his neck.

“Not much.” the king wryly says to Gregov. “Just your undying loyalty to me and my kingdom.”

“For what reason?” Rionel blurts out. “You’ve been a cruel vindictive king. You even locked up your own daughter.”

“Really?” a voice from the shadows says. “I thought you knew me better than that, Ri.”

Continue reading

Jodie Pierce

She is best known for her Vampire Queen trilogy of novels. (Very well written, by the way).

She was interviewed by me for this spotlight here and at

Here is what she told me:

Tell us a little about yourself. I live in Cleveland, Ohio with my wonderful Hubby John of 4 years bliss. I have been writing since high school and have had a fascination with vampires even longer. I currently have 8 published works both traditionally and self published. I often get story ideas either from hubby or I dream them. I am a full time writer and love it! I enjoy spending time with hubby and family.

What project are you currently promoting? In Vein which will be out on Halloween 2013.

Tell us a little about it. It is going to be a vampire anthology with various authors that have graciously agreed to be part of this project. All proceeds are going to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital so as the book sells, our charity will be receiving donations from us.

What was the idea that helped you create this project? Your inspiration? Well, first, I wanted to do something for a charity and I’ve always loved St. Jude’s Children. The old commercials with the movie stars is something that has stuck in my head. Secondly, I love vampires and wanted to be able to include my own piece so I had to make it something that revolved around vampires. Third, many of us Authors are very close and willing to help each other out so I was fortunate to have found them and have them in my life (Thanks Ann, Tara, Tori, T.P., Mark K., Mark M, etc)

So, what’s the next project you’re working? I’m working on a short story with a Detective that is trying to solve some vampire-like crimes in her district. I’ve been doing research on criminal/police stuff so the story is coming along nicely. Also, I’m working with Snowflower Publishing where I write some short stories on the side.

Can you describe a little bit of your process when you work on a project. I get the idea, start writing (if it’s something I’ve dreamed) a short paragraph of things I’d like to include and then just start on the story. I always end up taking a short break on the story and hope I dream some sequences that I’m struggling with.

What do you do to combat writer’s block? As I said, I tend to dream things, otherwise, I set the story aside to either wait for an idea or do more research for the book.

What advice would give those prospective authors out there on the horizon? Keep going no matter what happens. When it is supposed to happen for you, it will.

Anything else you would like to share with us today-Thank you for having me on today!

Thank you & Keep Writing!

Jodie Pierce