Interview Pt 2: Matthew Pallamary

This is the second part of our interview with Matthew Pallamary.


Any fuMatthew Pallamary Pic 1n facts about you that we do not know?

I am an accomplished drummer and vocalist.

My mother was a famous child acrobat.

I have an extensive background in technology.

List your top ten memorable books.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

War & Peace

The Exorcist

The Spell of the Sensuous

The Holographic Universe

The Hobbit

The Lord of the Rings

The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

Journey To Ixtlan

Separate Reality: Conversations With Don Juan Continue reading


Guest Post: Matthew Pallamary’s Process of Writing

What motivates a person to write?

Many people get caught up in the fantasy of “getting published” or they traipse from writer’s conference to writer’s conference, “being a writer”, their main goal to win a coveted fiction award. Then there are the ones who never write all year, go to a conference and spend the whole week or weekend in a semi-sleepless frenzy, writing first chapters, openings and short stories. You see the same ones reading the same short stories year after year, taking their strokes. After work shopping the same story twenty or thirty times, they have a highly polished gem that they continue to read so they can get an award and more attention. What the hell are these people doing the rest of the year?

Granted, there are people who write simply for the joy of it without an eye to serious publication; journal writers, poets, short story writers and such. There is nothing wrong with this. Because they do not spend as much time at their craft as serious novelists, they do not get as deep into the craft as novelists, who by the very immensity of their undertaking, devote considerable time and energy to their writing. Continue reading

Book Spotlight: CyberChrist by Matthew J Pallamary

This is the book spotlight for CyberChrist by Matthew J Pallamary

CyberChrist by Matthew J Pallamary. CoverAshley Butler, a prize winning journalist at the San Diego Times receives an email from a man who claims to have discovered immortality by turning off the aging gene in a 15 year old boy with an aging disorder. The email has pictures showing a reversal of the aging process and the names of a scientist and a company to investigate. Thinking it a hoax, she forwards the email to friends.

Though skeptical, she calls to investigate and gets a no longer in service message. When she leaves her office she overhears a news story about the death of the scientist mentioned in the email.

Ashley checks out the company mentioned in the email and discovers a gutted building. At the deceased scientist’s address she has a confrontation with an unfriendly federal investigator. Returning to her office she finds him, subpoena in hand, confiscating her computer. He tells her that the scientist who sent the email is a killer that they need help catching. When her own investigators do more checking, none of them return.

The forwarded email becomes the basis for an online church built around the boy, calling him the CyberChrist. The church claims that the Internet is the physical manifestation of the group mind of humanity and the boy is the second coming of Christ online.

The federal government tries to shut down the church, but its website replicates faster than they can stop it. While church and state battle over religious freedom online, the media and the state battle over freedom of speech.

Ashley battles to stay alive.

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