Jodie Pierce

She is best known for her Vampire Queen trilogy of novels. (Very well written, by the way).

She was interviewed by me for this spotlight here and at

Here is what she told me:

Tell us a little about yourself. I live in Cleveland, Ohio with my wonderful Hubby John of 4 years bliss. I have been writing since high school and have had a fascination with vampires even longer. I currently have 8 published works both traditionally and self published. I often get story ideas either from hubby or I dream them. I am a full time writer and love it! I enjoy spending time with hubby and family.

What project are you currently promoting? In Vein which will be out on Halloween 2013.

Tell us a little about it. It is going to be a vampire anthology with various authors that have graciously agreed to be part of this project. All proceeds are going to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital so as the book sells, our charity will be receiving donations from us.

What was the idea that helped you create this project? Your inspiration? Well, first, I wanted to do something for a charity and I’ve always loved St. Jude’s Children. The old commercials with the movie stars is something that has stuck in my head. Secondly, I love vampires and wanted to be able to include my own piece so I had to make it something that revolved around vampires. Third, many of us Authors are very close and willing to help each other out so I was fortunate to have found them and have them in my life (Thanks Ann, Tara, Tori, T.P., Mark K., Mark M, etc)

So, what’s the next project you’re working? I’m working on a short story with a Detective that is trying to solve some vampire-like crimes in her district. I’ve been doing research on criminal/police stuff so the story is coming along nicely. Also, I’m working with Snowflower Publishing where I write some short stories on the side.

Can you describe a little bit of your process when you work on a project. I get the idea, start writing (if it’s something I’ve dreamed) a short paragraph of things I’d like to include and then just start on the story. I always end up taking a short break on the story and hope I dream some sequences that I’m struggling with.

What do you do to combat writer’s block? As I said, I tend to dream things, otherwise, I set the story aside to either wait for an idea or do more research for the book.

What advice would give those prospective authors out there on the horizon? Keep going no matter what happens. When it is supposed to happen for you, it will.

Anything else you would like to share with us today-Thank you for having me on today!

Thank you & Keep Writing!

Jodie Pierce


The Bloody Sinful Legacy Tour

IMG_3699[1]Author Information:
J. L. McCoy resides in the beautifully weird city of Austin, Texas with her opinionated Pekiweenie Isabel and handsome husband Kenny. She has always been a passionate reader and enjoys watching movies, traveling, listening to heavy metal/classic rock/80s music, getting mani/pedis with her girls, and singing karaoke. She loves body art and is hopelessly addicted to Sonic’s ice and Route 44 un-sweet raspberry iced tea.

If you’d like more information about her or her upcoming books, please visit her at the following links:
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Blood of the Son, Sins of the Father, The Original Sin, and Legacy of Blood

Skye Morrison Vampire Series   Book #1 – 4

J.L. McCoy

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Links for the Books:

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The Skye Morrison series is a strangely addictive series where the main character Skye Morrison is a vampire working at a place called the Mausoleum in Austin. After the death of a Houston businessman and fellow vampire. Skye is forced into the lakside mansion of her boss, Archer Rhys. While there it is discovered that the one doing the hunting is none other than the father of the vampires himself, Amun. She is captured and tortured by Amun. And after begging for death, she is changed into a vampire unlike any that have been seen before. Amun gives her an ultimatum that she must answer, but what’s her answer.


Stephen C Ormsby

Today, I’m here with Stephen C Ormsby who is promoting his new book, Pendant

Stephen C

David R Bennett:   Stephen C Ormsby  is that your real name? Or a pen name? (if so, why?)

Stephen C Ormsby: Stephen C. Ormsby is my pen name and I go by Stephen Ormsby, though the C. does belong to my middle name.

DRB: Tell the readers a bit about yourself.

SCO: During a 20 year career in IT, I had written whether it was some short stories or novels, but I have always done it.  Recently, I found a script for a Claymation piece I did in high school.  I haven’t got the courage yet to read it!  I like looking over all the little bits I’ve written when I’m starting a new book.  There is always some snippet within them that adds that new element I haven’t considered, which keeps the writing interesting for me.

DRB: How long have you been writing?

SCO: It seems since I was a young tacker.  If I work on the basis of that first script, it is close to thirty years, but I claim twenty years as that was the first earnest start at a real novel.  Having the chance to write full time now feels as though I’m writing years of backed-up work in such a small space.

DRB: What genre do you write?

SCO: Mmmm.  Great question.  If you find out, can you tell me?  I thought it was soft science fiction, but now I have a horror novel coming out on April 5 and a fantasy novel just completed.  Now I’ve gone back to writing a sequel for Long Lost Song, which is urban fantasy with apocalyptic and supernatural elements.

The short answer – no idea!

DRB: What genre do you personally read?

SCO: I suppose this answer will explain some of the above answer.  I read science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, graphic novels and sometimes multiple books covering all those genres.  It may explain why no idea of mine wants to fit in just one genre.  There are just too many authors out there to limit yourself to just one genre.

DRB: Who’s your favorite author, right now?

SCO: Having just finished editing, I find it hard to read.  It takes time for me to take off the editing glasses.  Right now, my favourite author would be Jack Dann and some of his older books.

DRB:  What challenges do you face when writing? I find that, myself, my other characters want my attention when in the midst writing.

SCO: The horror series protagonist rides me, infects me, drives me nuts.  He turns me into such an awful person for the time I’m writing him that it makes me wonder why I would want to TUDHBTwrite the next books.  Inasmuch, I wrote Pendent (the upcoming horror novel) in 22 days for the first draft.  The intensity of him makes me write quickly, though I’m not a slow writer anyway.  But, with writing, you don’t always get the choice.

DRB: What was the inspiration for your book?

SCO: I’m going to mention the sequel to Long Lost Song here, as I’m working on three different projects currently.  Long Lost Song is my first published novel and means a lot to me.  When my wife read a piece of it to me in the car once, I asked her who wrote it?  Boy, did I get a strange look for that.

The reason I asked is that ideas were popping into my head almost immediately.  I could feel the characters talking to me just from a couple of paragraphs.  The wonderful thing is I will also be able to expand on some reader feedback with the next.  For a book I never considered as more than one book, the structure of the new story come very easily to me.

DRB:  Is there any message in the book you want your readers to know about?

SCO: Long Lost Song is a warning about believing in the false gods put in front of us – the major one being money.  Money is not the end and be all of everything.  That, and do not be a sheep.

DRB:  What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

SCO: Always write and always try to get better at writing.  Listen to the right people if they are willing to help.

DRB: What’s next on your plate?

SCO: I have Pendant:  The Undead Hunters Book 1 coming out on April 5.

Long Lost Song is being reprinted by my new publisher on May 30 (I think).

Tales of Terra Australia Book 1, which I contributed and edited, will be released on August 30.  Book 2 will follow shortly after.

Then there are the two novels I have just started, which are New Born Soul, the sequel to Long Lost Song and Book 1 of the Circles of Hell trilogy (which will be called Books 2, 3 and 4) set in The Undead Hunters world.

I think that’s enough for now!

Thanks for the opportunity David, and I hope your book does very well.

Stephen C. Ormsby

Author of Long Lost Song


Twitter:  @IdeasCaptured



Book Reviews: Books 1-3 of the Tunuftol Series

Author Ann Snizek weaves a tale through the Earthly residents of Tunuftol.

We first meet Krissa and Micah Wittek, two orphans who have been bounced around in foster care until they reach the home of Grandma Athey. They are brought there by a social worker. The 14 year old and 9 year old siblings are really the only thing they have left of one another. Then, one night, Krissa begins having strange dreams that she cannot understand along with hearing the voices of invisible hampster-sized creatures called Tunuftolates.

Krissa and Micah are then enrolled in school where they meet new friends, both attend high school. Micah, the super genius, and his sister learn that on her fourteenth birthday that she is part of a prophecy to return the king of Tunfutol to power. These friends go on adventures in the land of Tunuftol.


Ann weaves a very addicting tale. All three books in the series: Tunuftol’s Fortress of Light, Secret of the Shielded, and Jewel of Nirel bring forth the first three adventures within a year of Krissa’s fourteenth birthday. Krissa throughout these adventures learns not only who she is but finds the rest of her family that was once lost to her after the her parents brought her through the gate initially to their home on Earth.

I rate each book in the series:


Ann Snizek is a becoming one of my favorite authors to read and a good friend as well.













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