Book Review: Transcending the Legacy

Transcending the Legacy (Piercing the Fold #4)

by Venessa Kimball

Published by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

Transcending the Legacy is the fourth and final chapter in the Piercing the Fold Series. Venessa Kimball ends this series with a bang.

This is a story about a young college aged student, Jesca Gershom Kahn, who has to deal with life on an altered Earth while trying to fulfill a legacy passed down from her ancestors that were Indians who lived many years before her. There are, also, creatures out there, which Jesca dubbed Dwellers, trying to stop her and her fellow Guardians from fulfilling their parts in the Legacy.


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Book Review: Ascending the Veil by Venessa Kimball


A veil beyond our universe has been parted and Jesca must ascend that veil in an attempt to save both those she holds dear and an evolving human race on the cusp of global collapse.

This bock complements the others in the series.
This is the continuing saga of Jesca Gershom Kahn and her Dobrian Guardian allies, of whom she is related to many; and their fight against the manipulative Sondian Guardians..

The twists and turns in this story leave you wanting more, right up to the final word. The ending makes you wonder if this was intentional or Venessa just stopped writing. The way Venessa writes makes it hard to put the book down.
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