Book Review: Saving Gavin by Venessa Kimball

When Gavin Ferguson reached his breaking point, he dismantled everyone in his wake.
The bullying, the secrets, his father’s death, how he was different; it was all too much to bear. In his mind, the trigger was set and needed to be pulled.
Saving Gavin delves into the now displaced mind of Gavin as he is admitted to Pembroke Psychiatric Center after a tragic event at his high school. The question is can he be saved after such a dismantling trauma or is he forever lost?

*Saving Gavin is a companion novelette in the Evan series, following the international best selling full length novel, Dismantling Evan. *




I loved this book immensely. It was written in a very unique way that one would never have expected. Venessa tells the story from the point of view of Gavin. Okay, that is not so unique. But the fact that she writes the books like it is Gavin’s journal makes the book even better.

I love that you get to learn the ins and outs of Gavin from inside his own head. He is a very special character with autism. Like everyone, though, he has a breaking point. That breaking point tore many lives apart. We find out only part of what is happening to Gavin. His point of view does leave us wanting to know more about the story itself.

When he has trouble gripping with the real world, Gavin creates a second persona. However, Gavin does not know that the second persona is him. He thinks this second persona is a separate and very real person. This makes everything a little stranger.

But what I want to know is how does his story end? Where does he go from the end of Saving Gavin? I know that Venessa will release the sequel in jut a few short months for us all to find out.

I highly recommend you read Dismantling Evan before this story. But I still recommend this story.