Starshot Chronicles: Royal Pains by Brien O’Raighne


Title: The Starshot Chronicles: Royal Pains

Author: Brien O’Raighne

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction

Length: 185 pages

Release Date: October 2014

ISBN-13: 978-0692256978




Douglas and Querilla spend the day together in harmony.But that is not to be. The princess gets abducted. Douglas has to save her. That is only the beginning of a journey that takes them to other planets and finding out familial history.

Meanwhile, a revolution is happening on Varia where the Varians are trying to free themselves from the tyranny of the Coalition.

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Hot Cauldron II by Lachelle Redd


Title: The Hot Cauldron II
Author: Lachelle Redd
Genre: Horror/Dark Fantasy Anthology
Length: 276 pages
Release Date: October 2014
ISBN-13: 978-0692302682


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Royal Ties Teaser 2

Royal Ties Logo

Here is a teaser with Bengaali, tiger-like humanoid, characters.

These characters are essential to the overall storyline. It does get very convoluted as time goes on.


Maal Tolin along with several of her Elite Guards stand upon a landing platform on the outskirts of Ifstanaa, the capital city of Bengaal. They are awaiting the arrival of their Ambassador of Foreign Affairs, Xos Ragothar. Ambassador Ragothar’s niece, Starragaar Rellagaari, stands beside the Motherlord. Starragaar’s twin sisters are not far behind as Motherlord Tolin’s bodyguards. Continue reading