Release Blitz: Starshot Chronicles: Royal Ties by Brien O’Raighne

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SCRT. Digital Copy. SmallHere is an excerpt from Royal Ties.

Douglas and Querilla walk, along with their security escort, towards an exclusive restaurant in the Promenade known as DeVere’s Restaurant and Banquet Hall. They are spotted from the second level by Miriam Lithos.

“Querilla!” shouts the shapeshifter.

Querilla turns and sees Miriam upon the second deck of the Promenade. “Miriam!”

Douglas pushes Querilla behind him blocking her sight of Miriam. “Stay behind me.”

“What are you doing?” Querilla asks through gritted teeth. “That’s Miriam Lithos, a family friend.”

“No, it’s not,” Douglas responds. “Stay behind me.” Continue reading


Interview with Brien O’Raighne

Brien O’Raighne is the author of the Stashot Chronicles series of novels. The first book of the series is Royal Pains. We caught up with Brien to talk with him about Royal Pains.


Brien O'RaighneTell us a little about yourself for the readers.

I am an author from Houston, Texas. I am the author of the Starshot Chronicles series.

What is Royal Pains about?

Royal Pains is about the journey of Douglas Harley as he learns about who he is in the universe.

What was the inspiration for Royal Pains?

The inspiration for Royal Pains. I never really thought about it before. I was inspired by different Sci-Fi epic stories such as Star Wars and Star Trek. Continue reading

Royal Ties Teaser 2

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Here is a teaser with Bengaali, tiger-like humanoid, characters.

These characters are essential to the overall storyline. It does get very convoluted as time goes on.


Maal Tolin along with several of her Elite Guards stand upon a landing platform on the outskirts of Ifstanaa, the capital city of Bengaal. They are awaiting the arrival of their Ambassador of Foreign Affairs, Xos Ragothar. Ambassador Ragothar’s niece, Starragaar Rellagaari, stands beside the Motherlord. Starragaar’s twin sisters are not far behind as Motherlord Tolin’s bodyguards. Continue reading