Interview with Leisl Kaberry Part 2

This is part 2 of the Interview with Leisl Kaberry.


Leisl 086Any fun facts about you that we do not know?

I did almost two years of my schooling from a roadhouse in the desert at the top of Australia. My school was in Port-Hedland, a three hour drive away and so we used the School of the Air service. My lessons with my teacher were done over a two way radio with my class who were kids who were scattered all over the Pilburra (NorthWestern desert area). We would have a half hour radio lesson and the rest was correspondence. Instead of being able to access a library, a big box would be delivered to our house every month or so full of all sorts of books to read. It was like Christmas when it came.

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Book Spotlight: Titanian Chronicles – Journey of Destiny

Journey of Destiny - Leisl KaberryPublisher: Leisl Kaberry

Released: September 10, 2013

Genre: Fantasy

Afeclin walked nervously to the entry of the cottage. He held his breath as he passed over the threshold. A little cradle was the only piece of furniture left in the building. Afeclin touched the cradle delicately with one finger. All of a sudden he fell backward onto the floor as an image of the fire burst into his mind… He had seen a horrified face that screamed amongst red hot flames. Found beyond the Elvin borders, Afeclin, a human child, is taken in and raised by an Elvin King. Now grown and longing to learn about the mystic arts, he embarks on a journey back into a land now unfamiliar. Accompanied by his elvin friend, Wolflang, they leave their homes to seek out their destiny. Unbeknown to Afeclin and Wolflang however, the warlord, Moorlan and his confederate, a dark mage, are preparing to bring war to the peaceful Land of Marrapassa, putting their lives and those they care about, in danger.

Interview with Leisl Kaberry Part 1

This is Part 1 of the interview with Leisl Kaberry. Part 2 will show on Friday.


Leisl 086Tell us a little about yourself for the readers.

I’m an Aussie living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with my husband and our 4 kids. Where I once was close to the ocean; I am now surrounded by mountains. Where I once had the odd snake in the backyard… it’s now the odd bear and where I once drove in the right side of my vehicle on the left side of the road and chanced hitting roo’s on the highway, I now drive in the left, on the right and chance hitting Moose. It’s like I’m in another world. I’m a stay at home mum, which allows me to write as well as work on a degree on Criminology and Criminal Justice. Once upon a time I liked to surf, now I love snowboarding.

What is Titanian Chronicles – Journey of Destiny about?

Journey of Destiny is a Young Adult fantasy adventure that sees three friends, two elves and one human, cross the borders of an all elven kingdom to seek out their destinies in the world beyond. As no-one has left the kingdom since the Human War over twenty years earlier, there is much apprehension as to what lies ahead. Afeclin the human has magic in his veins and knows that for him to be trained he must seek out the Great Zallucien. Wolflang has an adventurous spirit and seeks to break elvish tradition by exploring the world before settling down. Lenna, on the other hand, simply wants nothing more than to wed her childhood sweetheart, Wolflang and instead follows him over the border and into unimaginable troubles. In the meantime, the dark mage seeks to destroy all remaining wizards; making him the most powerful in the land while others undertake the Warlord’s bidding in order to bring war to the Land of Marrapassa.

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