Book Review: To Eris – Human


To Eris- Human (Payton Chronicles Book 1)

by Ann Snizek

Published by Snow Flower Publishing



Eris Payton has moved around every 6 months with ‘her mother’ since her father left them at the age of 8. She has never felt in place anywhere. She was never able to make any friends. But then she meets Nelson, who closely resembles the missing brother of Ashley, a girl who lives in the same apartment complex as she does.


The story flows really well. Ann makes it hard for you to even want to put down the book. I loved how you get to feel as though you are joining Eris on her journey. Ann makes you feel as though Eris is one of her friends that she introducing you to and not just a character in the book. Nelson, the one whom Eris meets, seems to be more than what he shows but gives to Eris nothing more than who is he is while he struggles with the personal journey of looing like Ashley’s missing brother, Matt.


Hmmm. It is hard for me to find any faults in this story. I didn’t find, like in most books, any places where the story dragged. Ann is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and, also, a friend. I will be reviewing her other works on this website as well.





See you on the flip side of the screen –DRB



Piper LeVine: Gypsy Truth

Just finished reading a highly captivating novel by author Eris Kelli, Piper LeVine: Gypsy Truth.

Piper a 17 year old girl learns through an argument between her parents that everything she knows about herself is a lie.

As she learns more about herself, the danger grows and her life is on the line. Piper learns that she is of royal gypsy blood and already betrothed to the alpha male of the werewolves. And that her birthfather is a very high ranking vampire.

Once you start, this book it is hard to put down. Eris writes a very fluid and easy to read story from beginning to end.

You learn of the gypsy culture, vampire culture, and the werewolf culture in this novel.

I rate this book: 4.5 out of five stars.