Book Reviews: Resurrecting Gavin by Venessa Kimball

RESURRECTING GAVINA tragedy realized. A boy displaced. His fight to restore his sanity. Can Gavin’s mind be resurrected?

As a three month resident of the Pembroke Psychiatric Center following the dismantling and tragic events leading up to the school shooting, Gavin Ferguson thinks he is well on his way to healing until his inner self takes a detour leaving him a relative stranger in his own mind.

Will Gavin be able to find his way back to himself and return home with his family and friends, or is resurrecting his mind beyond the bounds of possibility?

*Resurrecting Gavin is a companion novelette in the Evan series, following the novelette Saving Gavin and precedes the full length novel, Inventing Evan.* Continue reading


Book Spotlight: Pen Pieyu Adventures (Series) by Diane M. Robinson

Today we are spotlighting the multi-award winning Young Adult Fantasy series by Diane M. Robinson called THE PEN PIEYU ADVENTURES. The books are about a princess named Petra who wishes to become a knight.

Book Covers

Book 1: SIR PRINCESS PETRA Continue reading

Interview with Eileen Schuh Pt 1

This is the first part of the interview with Eileen Schuh. Part two will be on Friday.


Eileen SchuhTell us a little about yourself for the readers.

I wanted to write novels since I learned to read back before I started school. It took me half a century of living before that dream came true. At an age where most people have accomplished their dreams and are plotting retirement, I’m just gearing up for the career of my dreams. I’m very proud to now have six books to my credit, two adult sci-fis and three in my gritty teen fiction series, plus a school edition of my debut novel,“The Traz”.

What is (your book) about?

My most recent release is Dispassionate Lies, a near-future novella for adults that is set in the year 2035. The world is recovering from the economic chaos caused by criminals destroying the World Wide Web. The young woman tasked with restoring a tamper-proof internet is seeking the truth behind the affliction faced by her generation of females, born sterile and without libido. That truth may have been forever lost in the cyberspace crash. Continue reading

Starshot Chronicles: Royal Pains by Brien O’Raighne


Title: The Starshot Chronicles: Royal Pains

Author: Brien O’Raighne

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction

Length: 185 pages

Release Date: October 2014

ISBN-13: 978-0692256978




Douglas and Querilla spend the day together in harmony.But that is not to be. The princess gets abducted. Douglas has to save her. That is only the beginning of a journey that takes them to other planets and finding out familial history.

Meanwhile, a revolution is happening on Varia where the Varians are trying to free themselves from the tyranny of the Coalition.

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